Georgia Recruiting 2016: Jacob Eason, Brian Schottenheimer, and The Offense

Brian Schottenheimer has given Bulldog fans little to cheer about the last two weeks. Photo: Joshua Jones/AJC

If you’re Jacob Eason, and you’re paying attention to the way the Bulldogs are playing offense this season, are you impressed? Are you confident that the offensive coordinator you’ve chosen to let spend the next three, or four, years molding you can get the job done?

I’m not trying to be a Negative Nancy, by any means, but the way Brian Schottenheimer is running the offense right now, and the way his chosen quarterback is playing it, is enough to make me want to kick the crap out of somebody.

I mean, his offensive (and I mean that in every sense of the word) menu is a steady stream of “what the hell?”, served up wth a hefty side of “Oh my word!”, and finished off with a tall glass of “what in the entire fuuuuuuuuuu—–?!”.

It’s a despicable meal and I don’t like the taste of it, so I can only imagine what the rest of Bulldog Nation is thinking when it’s slopped onto their plates!

I refuse to go over the game on Saturday, but as I watched Lambert’s final incompletion fall at Malcolm Mitchell’s feet, and saw the clock hit all zeroes, I found myself shaking my head and wondering why I even bother?

It sucks sometimes. I’ll leave it at that.

But, back to Eason.

It’s only natural to wonder what he thinks of all of this. After all, he was initially signed up to play for Mike Bobo, but Bobo left, and Schottenheimer arrived with his NFL pedigree and a lot of question marks about his ability to run a collegiate offense in the SEC. And while he proved he could basically use the legs of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel to win four games, he’s managed to call complete train wrecks the last two weeks.

Georgia may have scored 31 points Saturday, but take away the special teams and the fumble recovery, and a much different story begins to unfold. Lambert through enough incompletions to throw a Sweet Sixteen Party and still have streamers left over. And while the offensive line can share a bit of the blame for that, Lambert’s been largely unimpressive.


That said, will Eason look at what’s going on in Athens and wonder if he needs to be looking elsewhere? Not likely. If nothing else, the failures of Lambert and, to some extent, Brice Ramsey, show just how much Georgia needs an elite quarterback in Athens.

Eason loves Georgia, and he wants to come in and make a difference, and Schottenheimer has already sold him on what he can do for him once he finally gets here. And, for some, that isn’t nearly soon enough.


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