Georgia Recruiting: 2015 DE Chauncey Rivers Flips to His “dream school”

Chauncey Rivers had been committed to the South Carolina Gamecocks since last July, but fell in love with the new defensive staff and Georgia. Photo: gogamecocks

On Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs secured the verbal commitment of defensive end Chauncey Rivers. The in-state native, formerly committed to the South Carolina Gamecocks, called Georgia his “dream school” and mentioned the new defensive staff as a big factor in his decision to de-commit from the Gamecocks.

“I made this decision because feel very at home and this has always been my dream school,” Rivers said in a text message to Gamecock Central recruiting analyst Chris Clark. “I love the defensive coaching staff that Georgia (has) just brought in.” (Jake Rowe, Rivals)

Rivers is a nice defensive end prospect, with sound fundamentals, however the lack of quality competition, to this point, has meant he’s not been challenged as much at the point of attack; he typically blows by linemen, and gets into the backfield so quickly, with his first step, that he hardly breaks a sweat.

That said, it’ll be interesting to see how well he stands up to better competition on the camp and all-star circuit over the next 9 to 10 months.

Even so, he looks good on film and shows unlimited potential as a defensive end at the next level, with his obvious nose for the ball and phenomenal athleticism.

See highlights of Rivers here.

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4 comments for “Georgia Recruiting: 2015 DE Chauncey Rivers Flips to His “dream school”

  1. Jim
    02/17/2014 at 10:11 AM

    I have to admit, I am not a big fan of recruits “flipping” their original commitment from one school to another. So, perhaps I will be viewed as hypocritical when I say I was somewhat giddy when I learned that CR announced he was a DAWG. Yes, that meant kicking “the old ball coach” to the side. Take that, Visor Boy!

    Now, let me change back into my adult costume. I am glad for CR because he wanted to play for Georgia and will now be able to live out his dream @ the school of his dreams. I would hate to think CR would spend 4 years @ Columbia, SC wishing he had chosen Athens. I wonder how many young men get caught up in this recruiting process and say “yes” to one group of grown men and later wish they had said yes to a different group of men. For FWIW, I feel that CR said yes to the right folks. I say that w/o one bit of bias. Really!

    • 02/17/2014 at 8:44 PM

      It’s always nice to snag a player away from a rival, especially when that rival is coached by Steve Spurrier. However, my enthusiasm for such things is somewhat tempered by the fact that he managed to sign both Wesley Green and Bryson Allen-Williams—both of whom could have been Georgia signees had the current staff been in place sooner.

      You win some. You lose some.

      Georgia won that battle…for now.

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