Georgia Recruiting: 2015 DE Byron Cowart Likes Dawgs, But Mom Dislikes Georgia

Byron Cowart says he’s interested in the Georgia Bulldogs, but his mother isn’t interested in him playing in the state of Georgia.

2015 defensive end prospect, Byron Cowart, can picture himself playing for the Georgia Bulldogs, but his mom is hesitant to let him see what they have to offer.

“Family issues,” Cowart said. “My mother doesn’t want me really to be close to her side of the family. Because it’s just me and her so we don’t go. You notice when you are starting to do things in life good, a lot of people try to come back into your life. So being the fact that [UGA is] in Georgia and her family is in Georgia I’m hoping that won’t be an issue. We are trying to get her up there so she could just see. Because I know what Georgia can offer. I know Georgia can offer a lot defensively.” (Radi Nabulsi, 11Alive Sports)

Cowart considers himself to be a “package deal”, with another Georgia target, who currently holds an offer from the Bulldogs, by the name of CeCe Jeffersonbut it doesn’t sound like that package deal is anything worth getting too serious about until Cowart’s mom is willing to be more open to the possibility of her son playing in Athens—perhaps a phone call from Head Coach Mark Richt would help?

Whatever the case, the Rivals 5-star isn’t likely to be low on suitors; he currently resides at the top, or darn near close to, of more than a few big time Division-I programs, and his summer looks to be filled with plenty to do on the camp circuit.

Cowart has named the Oregon Ducks his leader, but also states an interest in Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and Clemson. That said, it’s worth nothing that he’s equally interested in attending a program with a good broadcast journalism program.

“I have a blueprint for every school,” Cowart said. “As far as me wanting to get into sports broadcasting, I have to see how quickly I could intern. Like with Florida, I have a blueprint. I have some connections there, and I could possibly do internships there. Oregon, being that the founder of Nike is from there, that platform is so big that I could do sports advertising, communication and almost anything. I know football will handle itself if I stay healthy.”

“The schools I have at my top, I know for sure I have a blueprint for Florida and Oregon,” he said. “As far as my other schools, I need to find a blueprint for them.” (Gerry Hamilton, ESPN)

Perhaps, if Cowart ever does get a chance to visit Athens, a trip to see Vicki Michaelis would be appropriate as well.

Either way, this is all much ado about nothing, until something changes on Cowart’s home front, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on as the recruiting season marches forward.


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  1. DC Dawg
    06/10/2014 at 5:49 PM

    Just wait til Richt has a chance to work on her a little bit.

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