Georgia Recruiting: 2015 Darius Slayton, “I am closer, it is a tough decision”

Darius Slayton (Greater Atlanta Christian) is getting close to a decision, but he isn’t ready just yet. Photo: scout


While most Georgia Bulldog fans are waiting with baited breath to see what program 5-star defensive tackle Trent Thompson will choose tonight (the Albany native plans to announce his collegiate destination, from his high school, at 7 pm), it’s important to remember the recruiting trail is still open, and Georgia has space left for a few more top flight players in this class; one such player is Darius Slayton (Norcross, GA), a 4-star who can play on either side of the football.

Slayton has expressed an interest in the Georgia Bulldogs, but doesn’t appear to be ready to make a decision on where he wants to play just yet, although he says he is getting close.

“I am closer, it is a just tough decision, I am slowly, surely getting there,” he said. “I am not sure if my decision will be before the season because it starts a week from now. Maybe not before, but I don’t know it could be. At this point I am kind of listening to people that say, you will know when you know. That is what I am waiting on.”

Slayton is keeping things very quiet when the mention of top teams comes up with him.

“It is down to a couple of teams, but I am not saying those teams at the moment,” he said.”I would like to take a couple of officials, but it may not happen, but I would like too.” (Rusty Mansell, Dawgs247)

Since the arrival of Jeremy Pruitt, the Bulldogs have seemingly been on a defensive tear, but with Slayton’s versatility on offense—he’s got some untapped potential as a wide receiver—it could all depend on where Georgia feels it has the most pressing need.

Slayton isn’t fast, but he gets to the ball carrier with ease. He plays with good instincts and knows how to go up and snatch the ball, out of the air, and away from the receiver. He moves fluidly and uses his eyes well to pick up routes and make good jumps on the ball as it leaves the quarterback’s hands. He’s decent in run support, but could use a bit of work on his technique as a tackler. Overall, he’s a very instinctive players, with a ton of skill, who would be dominant in zone schemes and can mature into a confident player in man coverage as well.

As a receiver, his good hands, ability to run routes, and use his body could make him a good option as a pass catcher, assuming he doesn’t develop into a safety down the line.

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