Georgia Recruiting: 2014 RB Stanley Williams Commitment “…not as Strong” with Garner Gone

Stanley Williams has been committed to the Georgia Bulldogs since July 2011. Photo: ESPN

Stanley Williams committed to the Georgia Bulldogs more than a year ago (July 2011) and he, along with Nick Glass and recent wide receiver commit Krenwick Sanders, form the foundation for Georgia’s 2014 recruiting class. However, like  Nick Glass, Williams is keeping his options open.

“My commitment is obviously not as strong as it was before when I first committed because of the running backs they have now and Garner leaving,” Williams said. “It definitely had an effect on how I feel now, but we have a while to go so we will just see what happens.” 

Williams spoke to Bulldogs running backs coach Bryan McClendon a few weeks ago, where McClendon indicated he would likely be recruiting him directly in the future anyway. But the departure of Garner has put another school in the mix as well. 

“Coach (Rodney) Garner told me that even though he is at Auburn he does not expect it to affect his recruitment of me,” Williams said. “He wants me to get to know Coach (Gus) Malzahn more and him being at Auburn has them standing out more.”

While Williams acknowledges that, in the end, there is still far too much time between now and his commitment for Georgia fans to be concerned about how solid he is, it’s also common knowledge that he’s been looking around for a little while now—long before Garner upped and left for the Plains—and you’d expect as much given the fact that Georgia’s offer came long before those of other schools; schools which now include the likes of Alabama, South Carolina, and Clemson.

Clearly, Georgia will have their work cut out for them, but Williams isn’t the only running back on the radar for 2014 and there is still hope that Alvin Kamara will sign in 2013—if Alabama’s Kirby Smart isn’t able to seal the deal on him, that is.

Williams finished out the regular season with 207 carries, 1,948 yards (9.41 ypc), and 24 touchdowns.


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