Georgia Recruiting: 2014 RB Myles Autry Gaining Legendary Status

Come 2014, RB Myles Autry is certain to have plenty of suitors. Photo: 247 Sports

Myles Autry is garnering plenty of praise after his performance this past weekend in the Georgia High School Association’s (GHSA) AAAAAA Championship Game against Lovejoy. The rising senior risked further injury to a knee that was already sporting a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus just because he wanted to be a team player and spark an offense that seemed to be floundering early in the game.

“I wanted to play,” Autry said. “I played all 14 games with them, why not play 15. Coach Maloof said if I thought I could play then play. I went to the doctor and they drained my knee and put medicine in it. They said I could not tear my ACL anymore because it was gone…and because I had so much muscle in my quad, really the only risk was me bruising my meniscus more.” 

Although he was not part of the overall gameplan, in the second half Autry was put into the game for about 14 snaps as a decoy. With the Blue Devils driving down the field down 14-3 in the fourth quarter, Autry asked for the ball. 

“I felt like I could make a play,” Autry said. “I caught the ball and scored. It felt good to give my momentum and boost them up when they needed me. My knee did not bother me at all during the game. It was really all mental, so I just focused on trying to help my team like I usually do.” (Kipp Adams, ESPN)

The “boost” worked as the Blue Devils found their groove late in the second-half en route to a 21-14 win and their first championship.

Autry currently has an offer on the table from the University of Georgia and he’s pretty sure the Bulldogs have a good chance to land his teammate—Alvin Kamara—before it’s all said and done.

“Being around Alvin all of the time, I can tell he likes UGA a lot,” Autry said. “How he acts, I can say he likes Georgia a lot. We talked about playing together in college about two weeks ago.” (Kipp Adams, ESPN)

And while the idea of a Kamara-Autry tandem has some Georgia fans salivating at another potential 1-2 punch in Georgia’s immediate future, Autry is keeping his many options open until he’s had time to look at every school that is currently looking at him.

For those who may not be familiar with Autry’s work, I can tell you the kid is a very versatile player with multi-level talent. He’s got good hands and good vision as a running back, but his ball skills make him a potential defensive option as well (he played cornerback his first two years). He’s a tough player with a nose for the ball and a desire to make the big play when given the opportunity (he amassed over 1,600 all-purpose yards and 20+ touchdowns this past season).

Add to that, at 6’0″, 175-pounds, he’s still got plenty of room to add more muscle and weight to his slight frame.

For the moment, the biggest players with him appear to be Ohio State, LSU, and Oregon (Oregon is also in play for Alvin Kamara), but the sleeper here could be the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets where Myles’ older brother is currently playing.

It’s a long way on this one, but Autry is sure to be at or near the top of many recruiting lists come 2014.

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