Georgia Recruiting: 2014 DT Lamont Gaillard Likes Clemson and Georgia

5-Star DT Lamont Gaillard has Georgia on top. Photo: 247Sports

The Georgia Bulldogs have been on a roll as of late and if recent comments made by 5-Star defensive tackle Lamont Gaillard (Fayetteville, NC) are any indication of where he’s likely heading when he makes his collegiate decision, then Bulldog fans should be feeling pretty good about their chances.

“I talk with Coach (Chris) Wilson and Coach (John) Lilly,” he said. “They tell me I’m a good player and that I have a great attitude. I’ve been trying to learn what I need to work on so I’ve been trying to work out with them and get to know them more. I also talk to some of the their players. I haven’t met any of the commits. Hopefully, I will so I can get to know who I’ll be playing with.” [emphasis added] (Ashley Barnett, 247Sports)

Telling statements like that one are enough to make Gaillard appear to be a done deal to the Bulldogs, but Clemson has made a move and, as with guys like Milan Richard, Jeb Blazevich and—most recently—Korie Rogers and DeShaun Watson, the Bulldogs continue to have close battles with the Tigers for some of the nation’s top prospects.

Gaillard hopes to make a decision as early as July, and the fact that the Dawgs still lead for him is a good sign, but in recruiting matters, it’s always best to take nothing for granted.

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