Georgia Recruiting: 2013 WR Tramel Terry Puts the Clemson Rumors to Rest

2013 WR Commit Tramel Terry. Photo: Getty Images

One of Georgia’s top prospects for the 2013 class may have finally put the de-commitment rumors to rest with one tweet.

And there you have it, the recruiting saga of one Tramel Terry is over. Done. Kaput. And Georgia fans couldn’t be happier.

For those who weren’t keeping up with this story, questions about Terry’s commitment to the Georgia Bulldogs first began to surface after his high school football coach, at Goose Creek, spoke with the media about the great job Clemson was doing recruiting Terry to their program. And whereas Georgia was looking to him to be their next star at wide receiver, Clemson was selling him on the possibility of playing running back, too—a position he excelled at this season for Goose Creek.

However, not to be outdone, the Georgia Bulldogs’ staff made sure Terry understood that if he wanted a shot at playing running back, he would have it, no question. That appeared to satisfy Terry’s concerns, but it didn’t stop the rumor mill from churning out more stories about him possibly de-committing from Georgia in favor of the Clemson Tigers.

That said, in recent days, Terry’s allegiances began to become infinitely clearer when he allowed a conversation between himself and two other Georgia commits—Tray Matthews and Brice Ramsey–become public knowledge. The discussion clearly involved rooming arrangements once all three arrive on campus (it’s common knowledge that Ramsey, Matthews, and Terry are early-entry candidates).  The tone seemed to suggest that Terry’s decision was firmly back in the Georgia camp and it was only a matter of time before everyone else knew it too.

The announcement that Terry referenced in his tweet is one that he’s making for the benefit of his family. Since he won’t have a “signing day ceremony” of sorts, as an early entrant, this is his way of having something to commemorate the day, and not a potential de-commitment ceremony as some have reported.

Either way, the bottom line is this: Terry is a Georgia Bulldog.

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