Georgia Football: WR Jonathon Rumph Tabbed as Potential “MVP” Candidate

Jonathon Rumph figures to contribute this season. Photo: ESPN

When the Georgia Bulldogs snagged JUCO wide receiver Jonathon Rumph for the 2013 class, it was significant because he was perceived to be a needed addition on a team primed to lose two veteran receivers in Marlon Brown and Tavarres King, and mired in uncertainty with regard to returning options Michael Bennett (rehabbing from an ACL injury) and Malcolm Mitchell (still dealing with lingering hamstring issues).

That said, Rumph’s size, speed, and playmaking ability have made him an attractive sleeper on an offense that looks more confident by the day—with Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall at running back and a more experienced offensive line to protect Aaron Murray—and despite the lack of print he’s generated since the G-Day game this past April, some feel he could end up being one of the most valuable players on the field this season.

There is a ton of buzz in Athens about the newcomers on defense, but Rumph showed in the spring he might be a first-year MVP candidate for the Bulldogs. Rumph had 98 yards and two touchdowns in the “G-Day” scrimmage.

The seventh-ranked prospect in RecruitingNation’s juco rankings last season, Rumph is a big target at 6-5, 208 pounds. If Malcolm MitchellAaron Murray‘s top returning receiver, is at all slowed after minor knee surgery, Rumph could take on a bigger role for the team’s early-season gauntlet of Clemson, South Carolina and LSU. (Travis Haney, ESPN)

While I do not disagree with Haney on Rumph’s potential as an impact player, if both Mitchell and Bennett perform as expected, and Arthur Lynch and Jay Rome do what they should, Rumph’s role will be more contributory than all-consuming—especially if Chris Conley makes his presence felt more this season.

Either way, it’s nice to know the Bulldogs have options on offense; that’s never a bad thing.

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7 comments for “Georgia Football: WR Jonathon Rumph Tabbed as Potential “MVP” Candidate

  1. Pez
    07/19/2013 at 4:49 PM

    While JC is a different animal than D-1, there was a reason he was so highly rated coming out of the former. I believe he’ll be a fairly consistent asset for the Dawgs. Definitely not going to be a bust.

    • 07/20/2013 at 1:56 PM

      No, he’s far too hungry to become bust material; he knows he’s got a great opportunity to do things at Georgia, if he can stay focused.

      The thing I like about him is: he’s performed well even with bad QB play. He knows how to make adjustments, use his body, and go after the ball. Those attributes will serve him well at this level.

  2. Pez
    07/19/2013 at 4:45 PM

    I like your insight, Kimberly. Not just on this subject, but on many articles that you’ve posted.

    I agree with you that UGA again has multiple targets for Murray to go to, just as he has had for most of his Georgia career. I believe that Chris Conley will emerge as more of a go-to receiver this season. Last season’s bowl game seemed to be the game that he served notice that he has both the size and speed that Murray covets. If Bennett comes back at full strength and Malcolm Mitchell gets over the nagging injuries, Aaron will have a stable of ideal WRs to throw to. And Keith Marshall is a great ball catcher out of the backfield. He has great hands and great moves after the catch, both on screen passes and when he goes downfield.

    • 07/20/2013 at 1:59 PM

      Thank you! I agree, Murray has plenty of viable options this season; more than in seasons past even. That means Rumph will have to take advantage of his chances–which I still feel he’ll have a fair number.

      And I definitely agree with you on Conley: he’s ready to move into the spotlight more in light of how last season ended for him. I think he feels he needs to atone (not that he should feel that way) and is really looking to do some big things this year.

  3. 07/18/2013 at 3:43 PM

    Rumph did shine in the spring game. However that surprised the coaches. Bobo said it was his first showing of that capability all spring. Hope it continues to click for him. He is a big target and a load for d.backs.

    Love your writing, btw.

    • 07/18/2013 at 3:49 PM

      Thank you!

      I figure this first season for Rumph is really just about getting used to the offense and learning the routes. I don’t see him getting as many looks as the guys ahead of him unless there’s a significant injury (fingers and toes crossed that does not happen). Still, I can see him getting a look in certain packages because of his height and playmaking ability; it’ll be interesting to watch his progress this season.

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