Georgia Football: Will Elijah Holyfield Make His Presence Felt in 2017? 

When Elijah Holyfield signed with Georgia, it was a boon for the 2016 class. 

At the time–bearing in mind Brian Herrien was not yet on board–Holyfield was the only running back signed. 

It was thought he’d make an immediate impact at the position because it was not yet know whether Nick Chubb would be able to return, and it was certain that a two-back rotation was ideal. 

Given the skill set of Holyfield, it was presumed he’d make a nice complement to Sony Michel

However, an ankle injury sidelined Holyfield early on, slowing his progress during the summer and, by the time the first game rolled around, Herrien would end up being the go-to guy behind both Michel and Chubb.

With the Dawgs now having added D’Andre Swift to the fold, is Holyfield going to be the odd man out? 

Perhaps, but that will depend on how well he competes this spring. 

It’s easy to forget how dominant Holyfield was considered to be, prior to the injury issues, when he’s been seen more on the sidelines than the football field. However, he is capable of making a solid contribution when healthy.

The thing about an injury is it not only limits physical reps, but mental ones as well. Holyfield was a true freshman, acclimating to a new offensive coordinator, learning a different set of language, and everyone was on a steep learning curve. 

Even the players on the field were still trying to figure things out at the halfway point. It was tough sledding all around. 

Now, imagine what that was like for a true freshman like Holyfield who was also trying to contend with rehabbing an injury. 

 That’s got to be tough.

End of the day, Herrien may have passed Holyfield on the depth chart (for now) due to his having been able to remain on the field, and fully engaged in practice sessions, but Holyfield should not be discounted, if healthy. 

He’ll be one to watch this spring, for sure. 

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2 comments for “Georgia Football: Will Elijah Holyfield Make His Presence Felt in 2017? 

  1. 03/21/2017 at 11:05 AM

    Reading your article reminds me again that there has been a major change in the way Georgia Football is being coached and recruited in Athens. Stiff competition can only improve the way we line up in our future seasons, and hopefully with more and better outcomes. Comes down to these excellent young men to prove their talent deserves game time. Kimberley makes me happy to read what you said above. Says to me that Smart and Company are being totally up front when they say “competition is an open book”. That has not been the path taken prior to Smart and Company, maybe ever. Little doubt that there will be many talented players coming out of high school that will not play for the Red and Black. That in my opinion is not a bad thing . . . . proves the methods being applied are working.

    • 03/21/2017 at 11:12 AM

      Buc, I certainly remember the days when Loyalty won over talent. It’s the reason a kid like Moreno redshirted and why someone like Joe T. gets the start over a true frosh like Matt Stanford.

      I don’t miss those days one bit.

      Competition fuels progress and gives life to the fire needed to make a champion. I’m more
      than pleased to see a new way of doing business here in Athens.

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