Georgia Football: Will A.J. Turman Ever Play?

A.J. Turman hasn’t played a significant down for Georgia yet, but isn’t now as good a time as any? Photo: 247Sports

Forgive me, I’m still reeling from news that Georgia’s talented running back, Nick Chubb, could be facing career-ending knee surgery. A report broke late Wednesday afternoon that the damage to his knee is much worse than initially thought, and Chubb may have played his last down. I’m hoping and praying that is not true.

I’m sure the whole of Bulldog Nation is doing the same.

That said, as Georgia looks for a way to fill the enormous void he leaves behind this season, they turn to...Quayvon Hicks?

“If it comes down to it and I’m in the backfield, I just have to do what I do,” Hicks said. “Just like fullback, it’s a man’s position. I have to make plays and make sure our responsibilities also at fullback are taken care of, too. When the opportunity presents itself, you answer.” (Jordan Hill, Dawgs247)

Georgia has three other backs on the roster—all of whom are listed as actual running backs—in Brendan Douglas, Tae Crowder, and *drumroll*, A.J. Turman. Now, of those three, you have to figure Turman makes the most sense to see an increase in snaps, or at the very least have the opportunity to make an impact.

He’s a power back, he runs downhill, and he showed he had the goods in the spring game. Yet, he’s seen the field about as much as I have this season.

What gives?

Is he injured? Is he no longer relevant in this thing offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer calls an “offense”? It’s a valid question given how little he’s also used Keith Marshall this season. I don’t know what his strategy is as far as the running back rotation but, with Chubb out (for perhaps a lot longer than initially feared), he’s going to have to do more than hand it to Michel and hope it’s enough. Michel is a game-changer, but he’s going to need help.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Hicks is a phenomenal player. He’s done an able job filling in the blanks for Georgia, but he’s the baseball equivalent of a utility player. He has no real value at any one position, but when there’s a space to fill, he can make a solid contribution. You love a player like that because he’s going to give you everything he can when he gets on the field. Buuuuutttttttt…Turman was recruited to play running back and hasn’t played a down.

I’m not sure about you, but I’d love to know why.



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