Georgia Football: Why is Georgia’s BCS “Deservedness” Even a Question?

First, if you haven’t seen this clip, give it a look:

Okay, here’s my one and only argument: would any analyst at ESPN, CBSSports, Fox, or otherwise be having this discussion about any other team?

Would they ask this question about Alabama—obviously not, but let’s not gloss over the fact that Alabama’s toughest opponent was LSU. Alabama might have lost to Texas A&M, in Tuscaloosa, but the Tide were favored by double-digits in that game and you’d have been hard-pressed to find ten people, outside of College Station, to pick the Aggies in the week leading up to the contest.

How about South Carolina? The Gamecocks beat Georgia 35-7…no denying that one. However, South Carolina beat the Bulldogs in Columbia and were ranked in the Top 10 at the time of their win. That said, Georgia beat Florida, South Carolina didn’t. End of discussion.

Then there’s Florida. Had the Gators been in Georgia’s spot at No. 3, would this question be asked about them, too? I have my doubts.

Listen, I realize that both Florida and South Carolina played LSU, but LSU barely skated by an Auburn team that is as awful as the day is short. And while LSU is playing a lot better now, prior to their game against Alabama, people were starting to wonder about the Tigers’ BCS ability.

My point is this: Georgia is No. 3, and if they beat Alabama, there should be no question about their deservedness to play in the National Championship Game. None.

And, trust me, beating Alabama is a tall enough order.

So, this “discussion” about “deservedness” bothers, me on so many levels, because it’s not one being had about Florida State, Oregon, or any other team in the Top 10—so why have it about Georgia?

But like Richt said, none of this matters right now anyhow, it’s all about Georgia Tech.

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