Georgia Football: When the Hype Machine Wins, You Lose

Collin Barber added to a series of misses on the day for Georgia.

Last week I made it clear that Georgia needed to be focused on the game. Forget the pundits, whatever Vegas had to say, and tune out the noise altogether. If they could do that, they had an opportunity to really prove something about the kind of team they’re going to be this season.

Instead, they seemingly went on the field, believing what was said about Alabama (that they’re no longer the behemoth of old)—especially after Ole Miss took the win against them, in Tuscaloosa, two weeks before—and proceeded to get their collective ass handed to them…in embarrassing fashion.

It was painful to watch: Georgia got punched in the mouth and, instead of swinging back, then they laid the hell down and decided to not get up anymore that day.

No one can tell me different. I watched every excruciating minute of that game, and could visibly see the body language of the players change after Alabama took a 10-3 lead. By the next series, when a blocked point turned into six more, it was as if the flood gates had not only opened, they careened into outer space and allowed all the riff raff of disappointments past to come in and add insult to injury.

It was disgusting to see such a defeatist attitude coursing through Sanford Stadium less than an hour after the game began.

There’s plenty of blame to lay everywhere, but my assessment will be easy to ascertain. It’s two words long and no matter what anyone says to me, I will continue to believe it: they quit. The team ceased believing they could hang with Alabama and stopped trying.

Gracious, it was sad to watch. I want to forget it altogether, honestly, because there was nothing more painful than seeing my team collapse like a house of cards.

Le sigh.

Perhaps, just maybe, someone needs to take at least one page out of Nick Saban’s book of handling expectations and hype; the one where you forget what everyone else has to say and focus only on what you need to do, as a team, to win and stay focused.

After the loss to Ole Miss, and the win over Georgia, Saban had this to say about the media and their overabundant opinions about him and his team:

“It really doesn’t matter what you think. It really doesn’t matter what you say. And I’m hoping that nobody on our team is playing for you. I hope they’re playing for each other and their team and what they want to accomplish and not what you think. Because that’s certainly not what I’m doing. I’m coaching and working for our players and our team to be as good as it can be, and if that’s not pleasing to somebody else, then it’s not pleasing to somebody else.”

…”It’s not going to be for you!” he said, directing his response to the media. “The fans, yes. Because if it was up to you, we’re 6 feet under already. We’re dead and buried and gone! Gone!” (Alex Scarborough, ESPN)

Hard to disagree with him.

I love Georgia. I support this team come hell or high water, but what I saw this past Saturday was tough to watch and its been even tougher reading and listening to the BS narratives that have come about as a result. The narrative that always come when Georgia fails to meet expectations.

It’s exhausting.

As of right now, all we can do is hope this team can rebound against Tennessee. Alabama may be a sickening memory, but this season isn’t over.

The season isn’t over.

The season isn’t over.

The season isn’t over.

Remember that.



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