Georgia Football: What’s Done is Done…

The following video recaps the game…I have zero intention of doing so. It’s like coach Richt said in the post-game “what can you say, the clock ran out”—or something to that effect.

By this point, we’ve all heard, seen, and read enough recaps as to why Georgia lost last night:

They couldn’t stop the run…

They should have spiked the ball…

Richt didn’t manage the game…

Grantham didn’t manage the defense…

Georgia just can’t win the big ones….

Etc., etc,. etc. And, I’ll tell you this, there’s plenty more where those came from. But, here’s the bottom-line—in my opinion—Georgia didn’t fold.

Let me say that again just in case you don’t know which side I stand on this morning—after watching the game again (as painful as it was to relive the final 68-seconds)—Georgia did not fold. They left every bit of their guts on that domed football field and there should be no question today about their desire or ability to have won.

You can chat all you like about Georgia’s “inability” to seal the deal in big games, Richt’s decision to not spike the ball, Murray’s perceived ineptitude against better opposition…whatever, the fact remains that, in the end, it came down to one play, 68-seconds, and 85-yards. Alabama came out on top, Georgia didn’t. End of story.

And while it pained me to see the SEC season end for this team, in this manner, I challenge some of you to get some perspective—please.

Few expected these Bulldogs to be in the SEC Championship game at all after the way they lost to South Carolina in October and even fewer still expected they’d be capable of competing with the Tide if they did.

Am I saying we should take away some measure of pride for hanging with the ‘big boys’? No, I realize this wasn’t a game where Georgia State was playing Alabama; this was No. 2 vs. No. 3. So, no, that’s not my point here at all.

My point is this: Georgia proved to a lot of the doubters that they aren’t just some also-ran, middle of the pack, bottom-rung SEC squad, but rather a talented bunch with as much right to be spoken about in a Top 10 manner as Alabama, Florida, or LSU.

I mean I get so frustrated at the way the national media cover this program—as if they’re an after-thought…unworthy of being in the BCS conversation—hell, the way CBS’ broadcast team came across last night, you’d have thought Georgia just got lucky all night. It’s maddening to say the very least.

But, I digress.

There will be those fans, media-types, journalists, bloggers, etc,. who won’t change their minds about Georgia until all the coaches are fired, or they win a national title under Mark Richt. To those people I have nothing to say. It is what it is. You are entitled to your opinions. Keep them.

But I know this team played hard to the very end. I know they left it all on the field. And while, I’m not happy with the outcome, I don’t for one second question the effort. If that makes me an idiot or …so be it.

I’m still Georgia…what else can I say?

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