Georgia Football: What About Orson Charles?

Was it just me or did Orson Charles look a little frustrated seeing Tavarres King snag 205-yards as Aaron Murray’s principle target while he languished in double and triple coverages from the Michigan State secondary?

It was obvious that he wasn’t going to get many looks after Murray kept keying in on King—a move that ultimately would contribute to his two interceptions—and that had to be hard on Charles who was hoping to make an impression on more than just the Georgia faithful.

Charles is seriously considering a jump to the pros and a good showing yesterday might only have increased his stock and made him an even more attractive option heading for an offensive minded club in need of a flexible third or fourth option at receiver.

Even so, I still believe Charles will be a first-round pick, if he opts for the draft, and based on the lack of opportunities he saw yesterday, I don’t see him staying to take the chance of having a less productive season in 2012.

If he stays I’ll be surprised and happy but, given the circumstances, I just don’t see him doing so.

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