Georgia Football: Wake Me Up Before You Bobo

Georgia Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo (right) has been linked to the vacant Georgia Southern head coaching job. Photo: 247Sports

Happy New Year!!!

Good Morning, it’s GameDay, and the long-awaited match-up between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Nebraska Cornhuskers will officially be underway in less than 5-hours. I, for one, cannot wait to see which Georgia team shows up to play, and while I won’t be making any predictions on this site, I have given my two cents on the game to “The Locker”, so you can hop over there if you’re just aching to read my thoughts.

This post is about one Mr. Mike Bobo—and excuse the lame title, but I could not help myself—whose name has been attached to just about every story regarding the Georgia Southern head coaching job over the last 48-hours; funny thing about head coaching rumors, though, no one is ever willing to actually confirm them unless there is a legitimate reason to believe an individual is considering making the jump. So, for every tweet, message board comment, and/or article willing to attach Bobo’s name to the Eagles’s job, there are at least a dozen others saying something to the effect of “there is no truth to that rumor”.

Well, here’s what I believe to be the truth, if you care—and if I turn out to be wrong, then so be it—Bobo isn’t going anywhere…at least not yet.

I think he’s a bad fit for the Eagles offense (they haven’t run, or recruited, anything close to a pro-style offense in years), he’s currently getting paid decent ducats to coach NFL-caliber quarterbacks at Georgia, his family loves it here (as does he), he’ll almost certainly have a shot at higher profile jobs in the very near future, and I honestly believe he wants to coach the kids he’s brought in over the last year or two (Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park in particular).

Of course, all of that means nada if a school the caliber of say Georgia, Michigan, or Texas were to come calling—then he might actually have to give such a thing some serious thought—but, for now, (and I can’t stress this enough…FOR NOW), I don’t see him leaving Georgia, not for Georgia Southern and, for what it’s worth, Sam Houston State’s Willie Fritz is the current hot name for that position, and he would be a much better fit in my mind.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out but, for my money, I don’t care what I read between here and the time the Eagles find their guy, Bobo isn’t going anywhere and you can feel free to serve my crow with a side of black eyed peas and turnip greens if I turn out to be wrong.

Enjoy the game and, as ever, GO DAWGS!!!


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4 comments for “Georgia Football: Wake Me Up Before You Bobo

  1. CatFromBama
    01/01/2014 at 10:31 AM

    Greetings and Happy New Year to YOU, Kim !!
    Nice title for your article this morning. Now I can’t get the song out of my head, THANKS. lol

    I agree with you in that Bobo would have nothing to work with at GSU and would be a sloooow process for him to build up his recruits. I also agree that he wants to be with CMR and mentor his young pups, Ramsey/Park.

    Thank You for your contributions/blog. I enjoy reading your posts. Best of luck to you and your family for a most successful 2014.

    NOW…….GOOOOOOO Dawgs !!!

    CFB (and I am a true blue DAWG from Valdosta!!!)

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