Georgia Football: The Verdict is Still Out on the Brian Schottenheimer Hire

The saying where I come from goes as follows: if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothing (or is it anything?) at all. Whatever. The point is, I am not sure what to think of the hire of Brian Schottenheimer just yet because I really haven’t had time to look into him all that deeply. On the surface, I’ll admit I’m a bit skeptical—NFL guy, limited recruiting experience, etc. I just don’t know enough about him to be excited or disappointed, just being honest.

I do know his departure will hardly leave the St. Louis fan base crying tears of sorrow—and at least one former offensive player has questioned his ability to be an offensive coordinator at all—but Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban didn’t exactly set the world on fire as NFL coaches either, and they won championships at the collegiate level, so who’s to say he won’t be able to change minds once he’s in Athens?

If anything, right now, my concern is recruiting. Mike Bobo was one helluva signature getter when he was here, and I don’t know how much experience Schottenheimer has in this part of the country—aside from his QB playing days at Florida—and that will remain a major question as we head into the home stretch for the 2015 cycle as well as in 2016, where Jacob Eason awaits.

For now, or at least until I have more time to really look at this hire a bit closer, I’m just going to reserve judgment and give Richt the benefit of the doubt; he obviously had a lot of names cross his desk for this job, yet he still chose Schottenheimer, so there has to be a reason, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see what those reasons turn out to be.

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