Georgia Football: This Spring It’s All Hands on Deck

Isaiah McKenzie (No. 16) will certainly have an opportunity to make an impact again this season as Georgia reshuffles the depth chart at WR. Photo: 247Sports

I mentioned this once before, but the Georgia Bulldogs will be looking for a few more sets of reliable hands this spring. So far, Richt hasn’t been pleased with the way his receivers are catching—or more appropriately not catching—the ball. However, that position was bound to see a bit of a drop-off with the loss of both Chris Conley and Michael Bennett.

In the following interview he mentions that the drops are limited to a couple of guys and, to be quite honest, you can just about sniff out who those guys might be, based on the lack of experience you find after taking a look at Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley, but you also have to love the probability of seeing the tight ends getting more offensive attention as a result.

At any rate, here’s the interview, take a gander at it and then look for a few more of my comments after the jump.

(h/t Anthony Dasher)

The other things worth pointing out here is the bit about the guys running more. That’s something that you have to figure is Pruitt’s doing. The defense was expected to go all out on every play last season and that expectation really showed in the latter half of more than a few games last season as guys were gassed heading into the third and fourth quarter.

Pruitt came in with a philosophy: play fast. play hard; And it’s that philosophy that the new Strength and Conditioning Coordinator is designing Georgia’s program around. I like it.

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