Georgia Football: “That offensive line was a disaster”

247Sports Barton Simmons recently interviewed an NFL executive regarding Nick Chubb’s decision to play one more year at Georgia. His opinion didn’t mince words–not even a little bit–when asked why he felt Chubb should have spun the bottle and entered the 2017 NFL Draft.

The personnel executive that I spoke with acknowledged that 2017 is a strong running back year but he sees 2018 as equally talented so there’s no value in waiting.

Asked about the dip in production from sophomore and freshman year to his 5.1 yards per carry as a junior, this evaluator dismissed that flatly.

“That offensive line was a disaster,” he said.

…Scouts can’t find anyone to say a negative word about the Georgia running back. Despite his injury, this executive sees Chubb as a no-risk prospect, largely because he is such a hard-worker, such a great locker room presence and has exhibited such elite traits when he’s had a full deck of cards to work with in terms of health and supporting cast. (Barton Simmons, 247Sports)

Oddly, the same character traits this particular executive felt are so vital to Chubb’s having had a better than average shot of going higher (than predicted) in the Draft, are the same ones that brought him back to Georgia.

While Chubb will almost certainly face stiff competition in next year’s Draft, from the likes of Justin Jackson (Northwestern), Royce Miller (Oregon) and Sony Michel (UGA)–and if either Saquon Barkley (Penn State) or Derrius Guice (LSU) have good seasons and decide to make the NFL jump early, things could get even more interesting–I tend to believe the intangibles will still factor into any team’s decision to draft Chubb.

After all, didn’t someone say Todd Gurley wouldn’t be a Top 10 pick?

Stranger things have indeed been known to happen.

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4 comments for “Georgia Football: “That offensive line was a disaster”

  1. 03/08/2017 at 5:28 PM

    Kimberley one thing in life that I “finally” understand . . . . “Size does matter”. Back field loaded with talent, offensive front wanted and tried to do all they could do in 2016. Say that for this reason or reasons . . . . new offensive coaches. Nick and Sony went with the “pattern” as long as they could . . . . then made some “private” suggestions.

    Just the size of the incoming offensive line will allow the “big men” to move folks. Does not take a lot of offensive line movement for special players like Nick and Sony to “produce”.

    Back that up when Todd Gurley was still wearing the Red and Black, came out, couple of problems and lo and behold . . . . Nick Chubb. Instantly had the “talking heads” through out college football reaching for the typewriters(?) marveling about the “next great” running back.

    Personally feel that too many overlook the talent that Sony Michel has. First read from the talking heads was . . . . Sony does not like contact, meaning between the tackles. That has proven to be another piece of “stuff” that those on the “sidelines” do not understand about football. Neither of these two young men have any doubts about themselves or their talent.

    I will bet the farm on this . . . . Both Nick and Sony returned to Athens for this reason . . . . Understanding that the offensive line will move forward leaps and bounds. Final count on wins and losses might surprise many, maybe some of us dig and see a bit deeper.


    • 03/08/2017 at 5:42 PM

      Thanks for the good word, Buc!

      I’m with you in the size point, for sure. Where I’m hedging a bit on how consistent they’ll be, I do feel better about the talent and size that’s been added. These are Pittman’s picks–not just what he was tasked with coaching. I think that will make a difference in how well he can tap into their individual abilities, and how successful each will be on the line.

      The question for me is Center. Will Gaillard take the reins and come into his own at that spot, or will Georgia be searching for another piece to fill the puzzle.

      End of the day, I lean towards size and upgrade in talent SOMEWHAT overcoming lack of experience.

      We’ll all see soon enough.

  2. 03/07/2017 at 11:51 AM

    Kimberley you said this above . . . . I tend to believe the intangibles will still factor into any team’s decision to draft Chubb.
    Take it to the bank, for sure.

    Nick and Sony are going to do some things in 2017 that have never happened before in Athens, as a combination. Everyone in any stadium knew when Herschel Walker was in the backfield, he was going to get the ball. Walker’s great talent allowed him to do things that not many college backs have been able to do. Damn few.

    Leads me to this . . . . Nick Chubb reminds me of another great running back, Barry Sanders. Nick allows his talent on the field to do his talking. Like Sanders, Chubb is a team player, go to guy in the locker room, inside the locker room, not at pressers when some let their emotions override clear thinking.

    Whether Chubb and Michel go in the top whatever number or much further down the line, both will play in the NFL and make their teams management glad they were chosen.

    Nick and Sony showed their “stripes” when they had a conversation with Coach Chaney, not in the media room, face to face with their position coach. High fives to both.

    My guess is that we will see more of both young men on the field together in 2017 . . . . Slot position is looking better and better. Serious talent behind both, that allows the offense to take on some added “risk” . . . . formation and personnel wise. 2017 Season will answer many questions that both FANS and coaches have.

    Coach’em Up!! πŸ™‚

    • 03/08/2017 at 10:24 AM

      No question a lot will be placed on the shoulders of Chubb and Michel again this year, Buc. And I believe both will gladly carry the load when/if given the opportunity. Each player is capable of changing the game, when ideal conditions exist (i.e. holes are opened), but both are also fully capable of making his own yards as well–especially Chubb.

      In my post today I touch on the re-emergence of both players, but the caveat will be how well the offensive line comes together this spring. There is no doubt Pittman brought in the type of players he wants to “coach up”, but we also know such things can take at least a year to happen.

      Even understanding that, I hope the talent will overcome the experience with enough frequency that the offense can find more room to run–pun intended. πŸ˜‰

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