Georgia Football: Should Coach Richt Be Less Accommodating to Players Who Wish to Transfer?

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Take a gander at what former Georgia defensive back Shaq Wiggins‘ father had to say about the release process at Georgia—particularly as it related to their interactions with head coach Mark Richt.

“I was very impressed with the way Mark Richt handled the whole thing, the way he released him, the way the conversations went with him and Pruitt,” Al Wiggins said. “It was so positive it was unbelievable in a lot of ways. There was nothing negative about it. It was really impressive to see that in modern-day football, that a separation could be as positive as this. I was very impressed with the University of Georgia. They didn’t want him to leave, but they didn’t try to get in his way. They were very professional. There’s absolutely no bitter feeling.” (Chip Towers, AJC)

After reading that, it almost seems las if Richt not only held the door open, but also gave the Wiggins family a lovely parting gift.

Which leads me to the following questions, should he have stood in the way of it…especially now that Wiggins could end up back with Georgia’s former DC Todd Grantham?

Whatever the answer to that question might be, it’s clear that Richt is less concerned about the number and name on the jersey, than he is about the emblem in the middle of Sanford Stadium. Bottom line: for Richt, it’s about playing for the University of Georgia. Period. If you’re not keen on doing that, then he won’t stand in the way of your finding a new uniform to step into on Saturdays.

Says Richt…

I’m not afraid of attrition,” he added. “Sometimes attrition is good. Life is too short for guys not being where they ought to be or where they want to be, all those types of things. In the end, you want everybody to be where they want to be and have the best opportunity to do what they want to do. There’s a lot of that going on, but it’s not all that shocking, really.” (Gentry Estes, Dawgs247

Of course Wiggins had his reasons, Senator Blutarsky pointed to a big one in yesterday’s “Get The Picture” post, pointing out that new defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach, Jeremy Pruitt, is teaching a different technique from what Grantham did last season. However, my response to that is, why not stay and learn from a guy who has used said technique to help win National Championships?

Why not see the value in being pushed to succeed, rather than allowing your discomfort with something new (something that you’ll see again should you make it to the next level, mind you) sabotage a promising career?

Where’s the value in that?

But I digress…

Back to my original questions: Should Richt be so accommodating to guys wanting to leave and play elsewhere? I mean, could you see a guy like Nick Saban or Urban Meyer being that gracious? I couldn’t.

Whatever your opinion may be, here’s mine: either you want to play for Georgia or you don’t. It’s that simple. And while I hate seeing former players leave Georgia and hurt us from the other side of the field, I’d hate it more to see a guy refuse to live up to his potential because he’d rather be somewhere else.

Richt may very well be the nicest guy in college football, but he’s right about one thing, you want a guy to “want to be” playing for you, if he doesn’t, then I’d not only wish him well, I’d hold the door open and wave “good bye”.


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9 comments for “Georgia Football: Should Coach Richt Be Less Accommodating to Players Who Wish to Transfer?

  1. Red Dawg
    05/14/2014 at 6:28 PM

    100% agree!

    05/14/2014 at 5:28 PM

    Too much hype is given to unproven players who play in High School against a bunch of kids who just play football for self satisfaction and school spirit. The 3,4,5 star guy that’s Mr. Football playing against a small kid and can knock them down to show how powerful they are, still wants to be recognized as a “Great Football Player”. Some High School Teams are superior in numbers but there are different class classifications for smaller schools. A 5 star RB should be able to score every time they have the ball, if he’s playing against a “No Star bunch of Kids”. The problem is, college coaches will do just about everything, to include selling their souls, to get the 3,4,5 Star players to come to their schools. LSU, according to some reports even get down to discussing the sex life and willingness to let the players decide if a “Special Recruit will be allowed to commit crimes or not obey college rules” to recruit a player. Just like everyone in College who are hand picked and allowed to get away with “Doing Wrong” . . . not every 3,4,5 Star will qualify to play in the NFL. You have to “Earn Your Rating” among the best-of-the-best or your career is over, regardless how great a player may “Think he is”. UGA should provide competitive training every year and those who can’t make it have a choice to remain or go. Not everyone can play “First String” but you have to improve everyday and maybe, you’ll make the “Starting Position on a great UGA Football Team”. If you can’t hang – and you’ve tried your best – be proud of what you accomplish and if not, you may still be apart of a great UGA team and that’s not something just anyone can do. Give it your all and practice hard every day and if your not satisfied, you have the choice to still be a team member, quitting or moving on. The choice is your’s.

    • 05/14/2014 at 9:24 PM

      Well said, CR. I agree with you completely!

      Where I come from, everything is earned, nothing is given. It’s past time some of these players start valuing the rewards given due to hard work and dedication, as opposed to believing they’re entitled to something just because they signed an LOI and were told they were the “best of the best” during the recruitment process.

      Work hard. Earn it. Period.

  3. pat mathis
    05/14/2014 at 9:53 AM

    Kimberley I enjoy reading your articles,you make more sense than most writers.Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • 05/14/2014 at 9:25 PM

      Thank you, Pat. Appreciate it 🙂

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