Georgia Football: Richt Says RB Brendan Douglas is Legit

Brendan Douglas made his SEC debut in grand fashion. Photo: Nathan Gray/Independent Mail

Brendan Douglas introduced himself to the SEC against South Carolina this past weekend and tongues (or tails if you rather) haven’t stopped wagging about him since.

The former Georgia Tech commit came in late in the fourth quarter and sealed the game with a tough run between the tackles. That one play—one in which he lowered his shoulder and laid waste to a Gamecock defensive back on the way to a picking up a first down—elevated Douglas from “that guy we took because Alvin Kamara left us high and dry” to “my gawd, where on earth did that guy come from?!”

It was a big moment for the Georgia native, and a great introduction to what many hope will be a productive career as a Georgia Bulldog.

That said, coach Richt has made it clear that while Douglas is certainly a great asset to have on the team, in terms of sheer ability and power, he isn’t likely going to see the field ahead of guys like J.J. Green or, once healthy, A.J. Turman.

“He’s certainly found a niche as far as short-yardage, goal-line. There, I think he’d be the first one to go in. But out in the field, first and second quarter, would we put him out there in front of J.J. (Green)? I don’t know if we’d do that. But he’s a very legitimate SEC tailback in my opinion.” (Anthony Dasher, Rivals)

Turman has been hampered with an injury over the last few weeks, but the coaching staff is hopeful to have him back at full strength soon; the tough-running tailback from Orlando has always figured to be an immediate part of the Bulldogs running game, but his slow recovery from a couple of nagging injuries has opened the door for Douglas to get more reps and, at least for the moment, a little more playing time. And after what we all saw from him on Saturday, I could think of worse options.


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  1. DawgByte
    09/13/2013 at 4:01 PM

    I believe over the summer that Douglas was a legit tailback when most were pegging him as a fullback. Not that I’m patting myself on the back for seeing the talent there, but can somebody get me an ice pack! 😉

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