Georgia Football: Paging Jonathon Rumph, The Bulldogs Are Ready to See You Now

Jonathon Rumph was pegged as a potential “MVP” candidate last year, before a hamstring injury negated his season. Photo: Radi Nabulsi

On the brink. Future Star. Potential Playmaker. Beast.

All of the above are adjectives that have, at one time or another, been spoken or written about JUCO wide receiver, Jonathon Rumph. However, the big bodied, hugely talented, pass catcher, out of Holmes Community College in Mississippi, hasn’t done much for the Georgia Bulldogs—at least not yet; and while a good bit of his absence from many a box score can be attributed to a nagging hamstring injury, there’s no time like this spring to finally get things moving in the right direction.

Georgia didn’t lose much in the way of receiving talent last season—Chris Conley, Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Bennett, and Justin Scott-Wesley will all be back to take their lumps—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a guy like Rumph to make a serious impact in the passing game.

Not unlike Marlon Brown before him, Rumph has the ability to be a physical presence on the field. He can fight off defenders, make the tough catch in traffic, or go up for the jump ball in the end zone.

He likes to play physical and he knows how to use his body to make the tough plays look easy; in short, he’s just the type of player a new starting quarterback, i.e. Hutson Mason, will want to have on the field.

That said, it’ll be very interesting to see how he looks this spring. He performed well a year ago, before the hamstring essentially killed any hope of him having a legitimately productive season but hopefully the injury is finally behind him and he’s able to get back to the business of making plays on the field.


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