Georgia Football: OL David Andrews Says a ‘Kick in the Tail’ Was Needed

David Andrews (61) says the South Carolina game exposed holes they’d known about all season, but dismissed because they were winning.

While I’m not at all willing to back down from what I stated in an earlier post this week, a few days out from that nasty loss to South Carolina I am starting to wonder if part of Georgia’s issue was believing its own press.

Sure, the guys and coaches were all saying the right things, but did they really think they were a No. 5 team or did they in fact realize there was a possibility they were a No. 25 team masquerading as a No. 5?

The following comments from Georgia center David Andrews following the loss to South Carolina may give some insight.

…“I wish we could’ve learned and had a different outcome. But you need to be kicked in the tail every now and then and say, ‘Hey, you ain’t that good.’ I’m not saying that everyone thought we were unbelievable, because we knew we weren’t. John [Theus] is a freshman starter. I’m starting on limited game experience. [Left tackle Kenarious Gates is] starting at a new position. So it’s not like any of us thought we were better than we really were, but it’s just one of those humbling experiences.” 

Andrews said film review showed that the group was a lot closer to clearing holes that existed in the first five games than it might have appeared live. Offensive line coach Will Friend had been hammering home the point that their bad habit of missing assignments would catch up with them, and it did at South Carolina. 

“We’ve been harping on those missed assignments, and they hadn’t hurt us,” Andrews said. “They might have hurt us here and there in those other games, but they hadn’t hurt us [like they did against South Carolina]… (Radi Nabulsi, “Notebook: Fan response encourages Lynch”, DawgNation, 10/9/12)

It’s easy to see, in hindsight, that Georgia fell victim to a lousy opening schedule which allowed them to take advantage of teams that weren’t truly on the same level talent-wise as they were.

In reality, this team is full of talent, but still young in some key places (particularly on the offensive line) and that’s not something that can be overlooked when you’re up against quality competition—or a defensive front with future NFL prospects as anchors.

That said, there is still zero excuse for how poorly the defense played and I’m anxiously awaiting the press release for what happened to Bobo’s ability to call something other than a ‘screen’…not that I’m holding my breath.

But, I digress, as that’s over and done.

Moving ahead, hopefully, Georgia is ready after the bye week to play good football and see where that leads them. And, fortunate or unfortunate, they should be able to do so with little to no expectations from the national media or even a good portion of their own fan base (many have already counted Florida as a loss even though the game has yet to be played)—just a hazard of underachieving at the wrong time, I guess.



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