Georgia Football: Oh Look, The Volunteers Are Wearing Special Unis This Week!

Tennessee will be pulling out their burnt pieces of charcoal smokey grey uniforms to face Georgia this weekend.

Call this my “IDGAF” week because I really don’t give a (insert word here) after this week. That said, I saw where the Volunteers will be pulling out special uniforms this Saturday when they host the Dawgs.

Tennessee, whose been having a rough season so far, will be looking to turn things around against Georgia this Saturday.  And though the uniforms they’ll be wearing won’t guarantee that happens, Jones figures it can’t hurt morale.

“It will be a smokey grey game. Which does not help you win a football game but I know everyone’s been looking forward to that.” (WBIR)

I know all about the uniform thing. I’ve seen my fair share of it as a Georgia fan and, Jones is right, it means jack where the outcome is concerned. So, whether Tennessee is wearing their burnt pieces of charcoal smokey grey uniforms or not, they will still have to show up and play. However, at this point, you take what you can get and with the way Georgia played last week, I hardly have room to be confident about anything.

Speaking of which, I’m just hoping the Bulldogs show up ready to play in their plain, ol’, road uniforms. And, hopefully—with so much time having passed between the last time Georgia met the Volunteers in Knoxville, with them wearing those same grey uniforms—none of them remember the train wreck of a game that took place that day. A game which resulted in a Georgia win, but also saw a long list of players exit with season-ending (or game reducing) injuries.


The time for licking your wounds is over, Dawgs. It’s time to get back to work, and get ready for Tennessee. Because, if you take a dive in Knoxville, you’ll be lamenting over a lot more than a lopsided loss to Alabama—and, personally, I don’t need to spend another weekend at the bottom of my whiskey glass.

For whatever that’s worth.

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