Georgia Football: Nick Chubb on the Running Backs, “…we can do most anything”

Nick Chubb is ready to play and he feels Georgia’s running back depth is one of the best in the nation. Photo: Beau Cabell/Macon Telegraph

Nick Chubb isn’t a name you’ll hear a little about, it’s one you’re going to hear A LOT about. His true freshman season created so much buzz that many are predicting he’ll break a slew of records before his time at Georgia is all said and done.

That said, Chubb is not one to toot his own horn. He’s perfectly happy going about his business in a quiet way and letting his actions speak for themselves. That attitude has certainly endeared him to fans, but it’s important to remember he isn’t the only running back Georgia has on the depth chart. There are others and, according to Chubb, the skillset they’ll bring, when combined with his own, will certainly keep defenses guessing on Saturdays.

“I think we bring the full package. We’re a mixture of everything. Every kind of running back you have we have them here at Georgia,” Chubb said after practice Monday. “We have power backs, we have Sony (Michel) and Keith (Marshall) who are very versatile who can do a little bit of everything. They can move out wide and catch balls a lot better than most of us. Other than that, we’re all pretty much downhill runners. It’s going to be trouble for teams to figure out what we can do because we can do most anything.” (Anthony Dasher, UGASports)

The word on Keith Marshall is he’s as healthy as he’s ever been, during his time at Georgia. He’s fit, ready to play, and has been making a strong statement all summer. If he can stay healthy, he’s a weapon for this offense. No question.

His ability to catch the ball, when paired with that track-level speed, is a monster to deal with as a defense. And while he won’t bowl you over, like Chubb, he can certainly finesse his way into the end zone.

Sony Michel is also a lightning rod, when healthy. His reputation as a pass-catching running back make some skeptical of his ability to be a physical runner, but nothing could be further from the truth. Michel plays every bit as physical as Chubb and he’s not afraid to run up the gut and take on all-comers, if necessary.

If he can stay healthy, he’s going to make plenty of noise.

A.J. Turman hasn’t shown much of what he can do yet, but I’ve heard he’s finally beginning to understand his position, and his role, and could be one to watch this season.

Of course, none of this chatter means anything until the games start being played. Despite the excitement surrounding year two under the Jeremy Pruitt Defense, there are still going to be plenty of questions about the offense’s ability to score points with Mike Bobo gone. Brian Schottenheimer may have come with an NFL pedigree, but there are still plenty of questions marks to be had about how well he can call plays on the football field.

As far as Chubb goes, though, he’s just ready to punish folks. And there’s not a fan in Dawg Country that isn’t ready to watch him.

(h/t Anthony Dasher, UGASports)

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