Georgia Football: Mike Bobo Will Remain Cautiously Optimistic About the Run Game

Brendan Douglas (pictured) and A.J. Turman will be forced to grow up quick as both players will likely see the field early. Photo: Augusta Chronicle

Last year the Georgia Bulldogs were expected to make it to the SEC Championship Game; there was little doubt they would (even after a loss to South Carolina threatened to thwart them early) and they did.

This year, however, while the Bulldogs are still a favorite to make it back the Georgia Dome, there are few guarantees, and plenty of potential pratfalls to consider along the way: What if QB Aaron Murray gets off to a slow start? What if the offensive line doesn’t stay focused? What if the defense falters under all it’s youthful talent? What if the wide receivers aren’t as sharp? What if Marshall Morgan still can’t kick it consistently through the uprights?

These are all questions even the most loyal fan is liable to see creep into their mind from time-to-time; it’s the nature of the beast to have some level of trepidation after seeing your team get as close to the promised land as Georgia did last season.

That said, not too many people seem to be too worried about running backs Todd Gurley or Keith Marshall. Those two players are as solid a tandem, and as near to a sure thing as Georgia has on this team, aside from Aaron Murray, right? And I can’t think of one red and black devotee who would dare utter the “i”-word when discussing either one; that would be akin to placing a jinx on what could be another phenomenal season.

Well, lucky for the Bulldog Nation, at least one man is thinking ahead to the possibility of a situation where one or both of his talented backs could suddenly be unavailable to play—offensive coordinator Mike Bobo.

Bobo called the No. 3 tailback slot “a big concern for me” because of the Bulldogs’ lack of proven options behind Gurley and Marshall. He expects Turman and Douglas to prepare to be ready for the start of preseason practice in August so that at least one of them can alleviate his concerns. (David Ching, ESPN)

I know what some of you are thinking: why be concerned when you’ve got ‘Gurshall’? But, again, for as strong as both players looked last year, you can’t help but remember the nagging hamstring that kept Marshall out of spring practices and out of the annual ‘G-Day Game’; you also can’t help but recall the beating Gurley took down the stretch as teams began to realize what a holy terror he was even after contact; surely they’ll be gunning even more for him come this year.

People might not want to utter the word “i”-word (I still haven’t here), but the truth is a team is always one hamstring, groin pull, ACL, or concussion away from having a very different season. And, behind ‘Gurshall’, the Bulldogs have only the unproven A.J. Turman and Brendan Douglas; both may be talented, but neither has a lick of experience in the SEC.

In a perfect world, Georgia skates by like it did last season—with virtually no injuries (oops, there it is)  to speak of—but you just never know.

The 2013 version of the Georgia Bulldogs have the makings of being spectacular on offense, and very active and hungry on defense. If all goes well, they should be fun to watch on Saturday’s . But, take nothing for granted, say your ‘Glory, Glory’s’ at night, and hope like hell for the best case scenario because, in all honesty, you just never know.



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