Georgia Football: Mark Richt, “…The goal is to be able to execute”

Jeremy Pruitt arrived to a mess, but hopes to make an immediate impact on Georgia’s much-maligned defense. Photo: Logan Booker/Bulldawg Illustrated

The Georgia Bulldogs are looking to bounce back strong after a, somewhat, disappointing 2013 season. A season that was filled to the brim with injuries (so, so, so many), brilliant comebacks, heartbreaking losses, and plenty of blame to go around.

Enter a new defensive coordinator (Jeremy Pruitt) and an offense that, even minus its record-setting quarterback Aaron Murray, looks to be as potent, and capable of scoring, as it did last year.

If there are questions to be answered, and there are a few, then they will inevitably come at the expense of the unit that Pruitt is most responsible for sorting out—the secondary. A unit that coach Mark Richt feels will be heavy on talent but, once again, low on experience.

…Richt said he’s comfortable with the skill of the secondary – just not the experience of that group.

“I think that we will have enough of a talent base. The experience level is the thing you have to be a little bit concerned about. If we are wise enough to call more defenses than they are capable of doing then we will be OK,” Richt said. “If you put scheme ahead of execution you are going to get beat. The goal is to be able to execute.” (Dean Legge, DawgPost via OnlineAthens)

If you ask me (depending on the day, as well as how much ‘Knob Creek’ I’ve had to drink) what the major problem with Georgia’s secondary were last year, I’d likely point you to that one, heartbreaking, play at Auburn last season (I don’t have to say it here, just look it up if you don’t know about it already).

That one play defined Georgia’s secondary for the 2013 season because it screamed two things very loudly and with great succinctness: total confusion and zero fundamentals.

Let’s keep it real here, please: the secondary didn’t play like a unit last year, they played like a group of individuals, looking for their respective units—sorry to be crass, but they did. I’ve never seen a bunch of guys look more lost on the field than that group; and, to be fair, it wasn’t all their fault. The breakdown started at the top…and then kept going.

It was like watching a train wreck…in slow motion…from a bridge…with binoculars…in H-gotdamned-D!


But I digress.


The hope this season is that the team on the field will at least be able to play together; that the guys who earn playing time will be able to execute, and that no one player will be so overwhelmed by the scheme that he forgets how to be a moving part within it.

If that can happen, there’s no way this team doesn’t improve, and that’s what every red and black devotee is banking on this season.

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    Kimberly—I really enjoy your write ups ! thank you for keeping it real—I never comment but I read all your stuff–GO DOGS !

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