Georgia Football: Kolton Houston Still Feels He’ll Play Someday

Georgia offensive lineman Kolton Houston’s story has gained national attention of late thanks to an ‘Outside the Lines’ segment conducted by ESPN om his struggle to gain NCAA reinstatement after three long years.

I don’t have the slightest idea how much Houston knew about the banned substance in his body, but I do take issue with the way the NCAA has handled this situation up to this point. Clearly, if Houston was aware of the substance, he would have done all he could prior to his arrival to rid his body of it all—why risk losing scholarship offer from his dream school?

Second, how many times have we heard stories of players being arrested fot marijuana, DUI, assault, robbery, etc. still being allowed to play the game? I’m not advocating the use of steroids, but I am saying there are far worse offenses than Houston’s—at this point—and the stance taken by Emmert regarding the NCAA’s position is laughable given his approach to more high profile offenses by other Division-I programs.

For Houston’s sake, I certainly hope he’s able to get his opportunity to play before he graduates, but with the way the NCAA handles its business, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never does—and that would be a damn shame.

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