Georgia Football: Keith Marshall Could Be Due for a Breakout Season

You know the story well: Keith Marshall arrived at Georgia with the most hype, the most expectation, and the most star power. His good friend, Todd Gurley, was a back with a good bit of potential who could compliment Marshall’s slash and dash style; Gurley was going to be good, but Marshall was poised to take the running back position to new heights wearing the red and black, and it was he for whom Bulldog fans felt the most excitement—at first.

Well, it’s safe to say that Gurley has exceeded expectations, and while Marshall has quietly made a generous contribution as Georgia’s “Co-No. 1” running back, he hasn’t garnered nearly the level of attention his counterpart has over the last two years.

Here’s the thing, though, I don’t believe Marshall has truly hit his stride. We all know what Gurley is capable of, but we haven’t had an opportunity to see what Marshall can do; we might’ve had that chance last season—when Marshall was tabbed as the starter, following an injury to Gurley—but a torn ACL shattered those possibilities and the running back position wasn’t quite the same after Marshall went down for the year.

That said, both Marshall and Gurley are back to 100 percent, and they have publicly stated that they wanted to come in together and leave together—be the No. 1 and No. 2 backs taken in the 2015 NFL Draft—and while there are no guarantees that that will happen, you can bet the junior seasons they have on tap will be approached in beast mode just to be sure they’ve done their best to make a strong case for such a possibility.

Neither of them is looking to be here in 2015, trust me, and I have a feeling the coaching staff knows it too; at the very least we all know Gurley is gone.

If everything goes to plan, this could be a very special season, for two very special players, and the Georgia Bulldog faithful will have a front row seat.

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