Georgia Football: Jeb Blazevich, The Quiet (Fresh)Man

Jeb Blazevich continues to improve and impress this season. Photo: Rob Saye/Bulldawg Illustrated

From the day he committed to the University of Georgia, true freshman Jeb Blazevich was pegged to be an impact player, and when he arrived this past spring, he left little doubt that he would make his presence felt on the football field—Jay Rome or no Jay Rome, he was going to be a name Georgia fans would get familiar with in a hurry.

That said, Blazevich has quietly had a very solid season for the Bulldogs thus far—as the team’s third leading receiver (14 receptions, 230 yards, and two TD’s)—and his ability to make plays in the clutch has solidified him as a player quarterback Hutson Mason feel comfortable throwing to if he’s in a tight spot (Blazevich is averaging 10+ yards on 3rd and mid distance downs so far this year).

And while this weekend is surely reserved for ‘Todd Gurley’ mania, and all that goes along with it, don’t be surprised if No. 83 gets a couple of big catches this coming Saturday because he comes more into his own with each passing week, and will hopefully be a player Georgia fans can truly enjoy the development of in the years to come.

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