Georgia Football: Jacob Eason, “There was a lot I was having to learn.”

Not surprisingly–unless you’re the type to heap whopping expectations on 18-year old phenoms–Jacob Eason had some growing pains last year. 

He had a whirlwind indoctrination into the collegiate foray, and having that crash course in how to take off those “high-school shoes” and learn how to play with the big boys was definitely a wake-up call for the Washington State native.

“A lot of that last year was the playbook, coming from high school, coming from a spread offense, playing under center, learning to take snaps under center, making reads against an SEC defense,” he said. “There was a lot I was having to learn.” (Anthony Dasher, UGASports)

While he’ll readily admit he has plenty more to learn, there’s no question his comfort–and confidence–have grown over the last several months. 

Shoot, just the fact he’s able to actually show up and be interviewed speaks to just how much better this coaching staff feels about his ability to handle being the center of attention at every turn. 

If you’re interested, the interview is below. Take 10 and see what else Eason had to say about Year One.


It’s cool to see how well Eason is adjusting to the “push” he’s getting from–and giving to–Jake Fromm. Such camaraderie is always good to see from two players who obviously want to be the one entrusted with the snap.

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  1. Vic Webb
    04/07/2017 at 9:04 AM

    I really struggle to understand what is being said in videos such as this. You folks shut your yap over there! GATA!

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