Georgia Football: It’s Time to Move on From The Off-Season Soap Opera


Is it just me, or are there a whole lot of people talking negatively about the Georgia Bulldogs lately?

If it’s not some “fan” shouting the fight call of an arch rival (seriously, if you ever hear me shouting “War Damn Eagle”, cut my lips off. I’m for real. I can’t even use the phrase “All In” anymore, much less shout those words out loud), then it’s an ex-player, on Twitter, saying “it’s not us it’s them” (a kid whom I truly wish well, but whom I also wish would just move on and stop throwing shade at the school that didn’t “embrace” his personality).

Good grief, can we just play football already? I mean, I’ve never been a fan of soap operas but, if I wanted to see this much drama on a weekly basis, I’d watch the “Real Housewives of Who the Heck Cares What City” more.

Look, I get it, it’s been a rough off-season thus far—seeing guys defect and sign on with bitter rivals, or ex-employees, or just plum deciding they’d rather do something, anything, other than play football for the University of Georgia on Saturday afternoons—but it is what it is. Life goes on. And even though I freely admit to having gotten caught up in the madness for a time, I will also say that I am now a lot less concerned with the kids who don’t want to be at Georgia, than I am with the ones who do; and I’m of the mind that, no matter the inconvenience the loss of those warm, talented, bodies will cause, you don’t need a bunch of player counter-acting the positive by being a negative distraction.

All the talent in the world means zilch to a red and black fan if the guy on the football field can’t decide if he wants to show up and play or not. GIve me a 3-star guy with technique and heart over a 5-star guy with a head too big for his shoulders any day of the week and twice on Saturday.

Bottom line, I’m over hearing any conversation that begins with the sentence, “what’s going on at Georgia?” because there’s really nothing going on at Georgia—despite what ESPN, the AJC, or any other publication will have you believe. Players transfer all the time—hell, in the past month, there have been more than a dozen Division-I athletes who’ve done done so; transfers aren’t news—but what would the aforementioned publications do if they couldn’t find something Mark Richt’s “lost control” of, right?

This will be the last time this site brings up the names Tray Matthews or Shaq Wiggins, as they apply to their specific situations, ever again. It has nothing to do with animosity or dislike for either player (although I am disappointed at how things turned out in the end as I truly liked both when they arrived), it’s about their no longer being associated with The University of Georgia—the team I follow, cheer for, write about, and have pledged my unyielding, unapologetic, allegiance to on Saturdays.

And while I wish them, and all the others who’ve left and chosen to play elsewhere well, as far as the Georgia Bulldogs are concerned, they don’t matter anymore—as current linebacker Ryne Rankin said, it’s about the here and now.

“We go with the players we’ve got now. We’re not going to sit here and look at people who’s gone. Either get on the team or get left; that’s what it is,” he said. “If you can’t act right … I don’t know. I’m not going to say nothing … but you’ve got to act right when you’re in college, man. You’re scholarship is paid for, everything is free. Just act right and don’t put yourself in harm’s way.” (Anthony Dasher,

“Just act right and don’t put yourself in harm’s way”…sounds easy enough to me.

GATA…and, as always, Go Dawgs!

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I am not a 'journalist' by trade, nor do I present myself as such. I am a wife, mother, and passionate Georgia Bulldog fan. That's it. I write. You read.

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  1. Whiskeydawg
    06/20/2014 at 3:32 PM

    Well said. Our logo is a “forward looking G”, time to move forward.

  2. derick
    06/20/2014 at 7:10 AM

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