Georgia Football: Hutson Mason Likes an Up Tempo Offense

The Georgia Bulldogs completed the second scrimmage of the spring this past Saturday and, by all accounts, the day went better for the offense this time around.

It’s no secret that Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason enjoys running the hurry-up. He was most effective, in games, last season, when the Bulldogs moved the chains quickly. However, there is plenty to be said about a quarterback who can also slow things down, eat up clock, and still move the ball efficiently.

Mason will need to have the ability to do both, competently, in order to 1) keep opposing defenses on their toes, and 2) make sure he isn’t contributing to the fatigue of Georgia’s own defensive unit by scoring too quickly or inefficiently leading the offense into too many three and outs.

It’s a balance that Mason, and Bobo, will need to master long before the first official snap of the college football season.


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