Georgia Football: Greyson Lambert Stepped Out of Obscurity and Into Focus

Greyson Lambert has been named the starter for game one. Photo: Joshua Jones/AJC


At the start of fall practice, If you’d have asked 100 Georgia fans who they thought would be under center for the first game, better than half would have said Brice Ramsey—without a hesitation. He was, in the minds of many, the heir to Hutson Mason’s departed throne. The guy who, after a couple of seasons, would (naturally) be ready to be the man of the hour.

After all, he was hand-picked by the previous offensive coordinator and, at times, last year seemed poised to take over as starter—well, there were times when the fans certainly wanted that to happen.

Yet, on yesterday afternoon, the name Greyson Lambert became synonymous with QB1…and the world went mad.

I wish I could say I was surprised. I wasn’t. The very fact that Lambert was brought in at all, midway through the spring, said an awful lot about the state of the quarterback position. Ramsey and Faton Bauta were obviously doing a decent job, but they weren’t blowing anyone away.

Mark Richt liked the idea of bringing in a veteran to beef up the competition, perhaps give the guys who have been here a reason to really ramp things up, and show them why they should get the job. That’s all he was thought to be—another arm to keep things interesting and competitive.

Not many thought Lambert would outright win the job. There was simply too much playbook to ingest and too little time to ingest it. Ramsey and Bauta knew what to do, they just didn’t have the starts under their belt to show they could do it. That was a problem that could be solved by naming one or the other the starter.

The general thought process about Lambert was he would be a warm body for a thin depth chart.

But, if you’ll recall, as much of a longshot as Lambert appeared to be, he still had a very good chance to win the job because that’s all he came to Georgia to do. Remember? He’d already graduated.

He no longer has to concern himself with a heavy course load or the daily meet-ups with tutors. He’s, essentially, a student of the game and, obviously, he took advantage of the opportunity that all that extra time gave him—that was something I touched on when he first arrived. He stayed in the film room and in the playbook, and had tightened the race considerably by the time the second scrimmage was in the books.

Now, to be fair, the naming of Lambert as starter doesn’t mean Ramsey is out of the running…or Bauta for that matter. It just means that, to this point, Lambert has shown enough to merit the nod in game one.

Whether or not he keeps the title after that is anyone’s guess.

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