Georgia Football: Greyson Lambert Says Stats are Irrelevant

Greyson Lambert says the only stat he’s concerned about is the win column.

After watching Greyson Lambert play in his first official game as Georgia’s starting quarterback, it was tough not to make comparison’s to the last guy who wore the No. 11 jersey—Aaron Murray. One thing was very clear, at the start, Lambert will be a different sort of quarterback than Murray, at least from a stats standpoint, but the result is all that matters to him.

“Everybody wants to throw for 500 [yards] and five touchdowns, but as long as we’re getting the win, that’s my job. (Jake Rowe, Dawgs247)

Don’t get me wrong, Murray wanted to win too. He wasn’t stat obsessed and it didn’t matter if he threw the ball for 400-yards or 100. The bottom-line was a win. If he managed to break a few records along the way (and boy did he ever), then so be it.

No, the difference isn’t in the fact that Murray became such a prolific passer in an offense that was built on big points and big plays. The difference is in the focus—it’s clearly on the doing what works. There isn’t a concerted effort to throw the ball, if it’s not necessary. If they can find success simply running the ball, you get the feeling that’s what they’ll do.

On Saturday, the Dawgs averaged 6.4 yards per carry, using four different running backs, on their way to a five touchdown advantage, in a rain shortened game. If they can do that each week, and win, then they won’t bother doing anything more than necessary. That appears clear.

“It all just depends on what we see and how the game plan shapes up,” (Jake Rowe, Dawgs247)

Brian Schottenheimer’s approach is relevant because, at times, it seemed the offense was so committed to doing one thing that it could not adjust when the game plan began to break down. Furthermore, any in-game adjustments (if you can call them that) were often head-scratchers; leaving a lot of fans wondering if the Dawgs were, honestly, prepared to institute a Plan B.

In truth, there isn’t much you can glean from Game one. Bigger tests will certainly come. But, if Lambert can lead the team to enough wins to warrant a playoff appearance, and a shot at a National Championship, he’ll go down in history too…no matter how many yards he threw for.

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