Georgia Football: Gary Danielson, ‘We don’t know how real Georgia is”

Verne Lundquist (left) and Gary Danielson. Photo: CBS

Verne Lunquist and Gary Danielson will get the call this Saturday afternoon in Atlanta and Danielson isn’t so sure the nation will have any idea what to expect from the Georgia Bulldogs—at least he’s nor sure—a team he says hasn’t “been tested” yet this season.

“The one overriding feature for me is we don’t know how real Georgia is,” said Danielson, who will call the 4 p.m. ET game with Verne Lundquist. “They had a terrible slump in the middle of the season where even their own players called their team out. That seemed to ignite them.”

The Bulldogs then played a terrific defensive game against Florida, forcing six turnovers in a 17-9 win, Danielson said. That swarming defense helped compensate for QB Aaron Murray’s subpar game.

“But since then, when the rest of the country was playing really tough football games, they haven’t been tested,” Danielson continued, noting Georgia finished against Ole Miss, Auburn, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech. “We don’t know if they’ve gotten any better or where they stand. We know they have great potential. They’re loaded athletically on defense.”

First of all let me say this: the whole idea of Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson calling any further Georgia games this season makes me want to run up and slap somebody’s mama. I can’t think of any play-by-play/color combo worse than these two—no idea why, but they both grate my nerves like no other.

That said, Georgia’s lack of inspired play during the first-half of the season has been well-documented and, to be honest, it’s getting to be an old argument because, for one, no one seems as willing to remember they began the year without four of their best players and weren’t at full-strength until Florida—and yes, I do remember that all hands were on deck for both Tennessee and Kentucky, but you can’t convince me that Rambo or Ogletree were game-ready by then having sat out the first four games.

Even more than that, Jarvis Jones was nursing an injury for the better part of four games before he started to truly feel good again. He said that out of his own mouth!

So, while the world might be wondering who Georgia is—and I’ll admit, I had a few questions here and there during the latter part of the year—there should be no doubt, based on their play over the last few weeks, that this team has finally started to find their groove on defense, with every guy on the same page, and playing up to his max potential.

Everyone knows Alabama will be tough and there aren’t many giving Georgia a decent chance to win this weekend, but Georgia has played as tough a schedule as Clemson, Florida State, and Ohio State this season—all of whom have been or are currently in the Top 10 of the BCS.




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