Georgia Football: Don’t Believe the Hype and Don’t Get Fooled by Vegas, Please

The last time I saw Georgia and Alabama on the field together, I left with tears in my whiskey.

You want to know the worst thing I saw yesterday morning? The opening point spread for the Georgia-Alabama game. Call me a bad fan. A Skeptic. A Doubtful Debbie. Whatever, pick your insult, I’ve been called worse. Trust me.

I apologize if it sounds awful to say it, but I didn’t want to see Georgia “favored” to win anything. I wanted to see the team head into Sanford Stadium this upcoming Saturday as the underDAWG. Why? Because I want to see the Tide roll their crimson and white wearing asses into Athens with their heads held high, feeling good about their chances, and confident that a win is a foregone conclusion.

That way, when the Bulldogs capped the day off with a win, it’d be one that elephant would surely never forget.

Only then would I be able to soften the pain of 2012 and 2008.

But, noooooooo, Vegas had to be a bastard and open the line with Georgia favored.


Listen, I know that lines mean nothing but, in the past, Georgia has found a way to lose focus and buy into the hype that the world around them created. Remember Florida last year? How about Missouri in 2013? Georgia-damn-Tech?

Do I even need to go on?

Most of this is irrational superstition. I’m a realist. I know games aren’t won based on some idea of which team is better. It’s about who shows up ready to play. Talent helps, but even the most talented team can get their backside handed to them if they aren’t focused.

That said, Georgia plays better when sporting a chip on its shoulder—when the media isn’t saying nice things about them. They’re simply more stout when they feel disrespected.

Lawd help them if they lose.Raise your hand if you’re ready for a week of talking heads saying how Mark Richt’s teams keep losing when they shouldn’t and missing yet another opportunity to prove they’re a national contender.

Again I say, “ugh”.

The best thing Georgia can do is seal itself off from all the BS and focus on playing a solid football game. If Greyson Lambert really wants to impress the fans, he needs to bring his football acumen (times 1000) on Saturday because Nick Chubb and Sony Michel will have their damn hands full with that front seven of Alabama. That 100-yard game streak was never in bigger jeopardy than it will be on Saturday.

As for the Georgia defense, they may shake and shock the hell out of whoever the Tide place under center, but Alabama has its own two-headed monster in Kenyon Drake and Derrick Henry (add Bo Scarborough into that mix and…well).

And before you go feeding me the stat which places Georgia in the upper echelon of run defenses in the SEC, please know that I’m well aware of it, and I’m also quite certain that neither Vanderbilt, nor South Carolina, have anything close to a Henry or a Drake—yet both managed to gain over 100-yards against Georgia.

This post isn’t meant to say I don’t believe Georgia can win. I ab-so-FREAKING-lutely do! However, step one will be for the fans, and the players, to be realistic about this game. This may not be the same Alabama that beat the team in 2012, but it’s still a team that can certainly come in and make things miserable.

And that’s a place I’ve been enough where this Tuscaloosa bunch is concerned. I’m ready to see the tide change and I seriously hope to see it start with a win on Saturday.





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