Georgia Football: “Coaching” is the Buzz Word for 2014

You know that saying, “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, well, in the case of Georgia linebacker Davin Bellamy, he said plenty.

Check the caption of this recent Instagram photo:

Now, you can write this off as a general statement, said by yet another Georgia defensive player, or you can revisit the fact that the main reason Bellamy selected Georgia was because of his relationship with former coordinator Todd Grantham.

If you choose to do the latter, then you don’t need to read another thing, but if you opt for the former, well…you obviously haven’t been paying attention to Georgia’s woes on defense (or this blog for that matter). In which case, I’ll only refer you to the analysis of one of Louisville’s beat writers

…The last gap of the defense gave up eight plays of 20 or more yards, and two 60-plus pass plays, although one of the two big ones was called back for a penalty. This is the main area of concern for Louisville going into the summer. (Jeff Greer, The Courier Journal)

A secondary giving up too many big plays? A front seven with run stopping problems and an inability to consistently get to the quarterback? Hmmm…wonder where I’ve heard such things before?

Any guesses?

I won’t beat a dead horse here, I’m sure you all get the picture.

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