Georgia Football: Chuck Oliver to Mark Richt, ‘My Bad, Dawg…’

Remember this heated exchange:


Well, the reporter who lobbed that ill-fated question—Atlanta radio personality Chuck Oliver—came forth yesterday and issued a mea culpa, of sorts, saying he shouldn’t have asked that particular question, at that particular time.

680 the Fan, which is the official sports talk station of the Georgia Bulldogs, declined a request from FOX 5 to speak with Oliver. On his show Monday afternoon, Oliver admitted to making a mistake.

“It was just horrible timing on my part. Awful, terrible, horrible, wretched, horrid judgment of timing,” Oliver said.

Some UGA fans said they liked the spark they saw from Richt.

“I think he handled it well, and unfortunately, while it was a fair question, I don’t think the timing was all that great,” said Enrique Escolano. 

Oliver said on his radio show that his question meant no criticism of Richt or Murray. He said, personally, he thought they did a good job in the game. He also said he spoke to Richt on Monday and the coach told him all was forgiven and forgotten.

As an admitted Bulldog fan, it was nice to see ‘680 the Fan’ step up and attempt to make amends for what was perceived by many as a classless question by a guy who has proven to be one of Georgia and Mark Richt’s harsher critics over the years.

That said, given the way a large segment of the Bulldog Nation feel about Chuck Oliver (most can’t stand the guy), I doubt they’ll view his apology as anything more than a journalist attempting to save his backside.



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1 comment for “Georgia Football: Chuck Oliver to Mark Richt, ‘My Bad, Dawg…’

  1. 202dawg
    12/04/2012 at 10:15 AM

    I disagree 336. I think he should have worded the question differently; ‘There has been criticism from myself and a large portion of the fan base regarding you, as well as your QB, and your ability to win the big games. Do you think today will reinforce what some of us feel or do you think it will change some minds?’

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