Georgia Football: Chris Wilson Says Dawg’s “depth is huge” [VIDEO]

New DL coach Chris Wilson is comfortable with the depth at nose. Photo: Augusta Chronicle

One thing you love to hear about the Georgia Bulldogs is that they have enough players to play—to hear that they are two and even three deep is even better—but that hasn’t been the case much during Mark Richt’s tenure. Most times Georgia is lucky to keep their first string from doing something like getting suspended, transferring, or simply injuring itself. However, this season is already looking better than most because of what almost feels like an embarrassment of riches on the offensive line, a plethora of options at wide receiver, and some nice incoming talent at defensive back.

But, what fans want to know more than anything else is how Georgia will replace the defensive line talent that left after last season; or more importantly, who on earth will step into the shoes left vacant by Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins? Wonder no more because, if you ask new defensive line coach Chris Wilson, depth is not going to be a problem.

I don’t know what Mike Thornton will be able to do for sure this season, to be honest, and I won’t profess to knowing anything close to what coach Wilson knows about the “x’s and o’s” of football, but from what I remember of Thornton’s recruitment, he was a late bloomer in high school—playing a “5-technique” as a defensive tackle in Stephenson High School’s defensive alignment—and there were questions of how well he could fit into Georgia’s new 3-4.

Thornton’s best fit, at the time, was thought to be a 4-3 because he had the size, speed, and athleticism to play that position with a lot of success. However, Thornton took a chance and signed with the Dawgs anyway because he liked the staff and loved Athens; I’m not altogether sure that was the best decision for him football player wise because he was never truly nose material and faced  mountain of obstacles upon arriving (needed to gain weight, polish up his technique, move from his position of comfort, etc.) but again, that’s just my opinion.

In any event, it will be interesting to see how these guys step up with so much opportunity to be had at so many key positions; plenty of battles to be had in the coming months.

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