Georgia Football: Bye, Bye Inconsistency?

The Georgia Bulldogs finally put the proverbial “period” on the end of their coaching staff with the hire, yesterday, of Mike Ekeler. Ekeler, whose most recent stop was Southern California, will presumably coach the linebackers, and play an integral role with special teams.

That said, with the defensive staff officially assembled, what does this mean for the Georgia Bulldogs defense in 2014?

Well, none of us can say for sure, at least not yet, but I can tell you that fans are expecting to see a defensive unit that tackles better, plays faster, and executes more consistently than the one that hit the field last season; defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt has assured everyone of that much; but, even more, fans are hoping to see a team with a lot more focus, discipline, and cohesiveness.

Miscommunication was the prevailing theme last season, and everything that happened—both on and off the field—seemed to come down to someone not “getting it”. Even the most seasoned players on the field played as if they were trapped in an episode of “The Walking Dead”—fighting for dear life as they tried to make sense of a defensive scheme that no one was ever quite sure they were executing correctly.

However, with Pruitt on board, a new staff in place, and a lot of fresh, positive, energy on deck, the hope is that all the old wounds will heal, and this talented group of players will finally do what they are capable of on the football field—play some ball.


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5 comments for “Georgia Football: Bye, Bye Inconsistency?

  1. sj
    02/08/2014 at 12:04 PM

    Hopefully, we will improve and Pruitt can squeeze the potential out of Josh HClemons. Because I think we will really, really need a consistent D next year without Aaron. As talented as Mason is physically, I don’t think he can touch Aaron’s mental element. Thank God for Gurley. But my guess is that Pruitt will be on the short list for HC somewhere and he will be long gone within three or four years.
    Grantham’s D seemed big on the ‘big play’ but short on consistency. Since Coach Richt isn’t known for a Spurrier-like attitude of throwing assistant coaches under the bus every season I still can’t figure out why Grantham left….but I’m not complaining.

  2. Jim
    02/07/2014 at 6:00 PM

    From a line in the movie Gettysburg. General Lee to General Longstreet prior to battle: ” When you attack you must hold nothing back. You must commit yourself totally”!

    I am sure Commanding General Pruitt will have a coordinated attack with Generals Rocker, Sherrer, Eckeller (pardon spelling) that will attack from opening whistle to the final gun. I am confident these DAWGS will lay it all on the line in each and every battle.

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