Georgia Football: Brian Schottenheimer isn’t Looking for a “Game Manager”

Brian Schottenheimer isn’t looking for a “game manager”, he wants a playmaker. Photo: AJC

The first thing most fans will say about Georgia’s QB situation is they need a guy who can “make plays when called upon and not make costly, game-losing, mistakes”. In lay person’s terms, that type of player is characterized as a “game manager”: a player that can make a big throw here and there, but who is essentially tasked with the job moving the chains.

Well, Georgia’s offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, made it clear that he doesn’t need a “game manager”, he needs a playmaker.

“I hate the term manage the game, we’re not looking for that. We want a guy who can make plays as well. Certainly, there’s going to be a lot of vertical elements to what we do. At the end of the day their job is to move the team and score points.” (Anthony Dasher, UGASports)

It’s pretty clear that mobility is something Schottenheimer will need from his quarterback. In order to successfully execute a “multiple offense”, you have to have a guy who can make plays with his feet; that’s certainly something both Greyson Lambert and Faton Bauta have been proven to do. However, Brice Ramsey’s arm has the ability to stretch the field and do the most damage…and that may be the element that wins him the job.

As much as the running game will certainly be keyed on by defenses, the “multiple offense” that Schottenheimer hopes to execute will, hopefully, keep defenses guessing a lot more than it has in year’s past— and having a diversity of talent, at every offensive position, certainly allows for more creative formations. That said, whether Bauta wins the job or not, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him in on a few of those because he’s a tough player who can certainly make plays with his feet.

Also, the fact that the team is accustomed to moving up-tempo (Schottenheimer gives a well-deserved hat tip to former OC Mike Bobo for that) will only make the execution of such an offense that much easier.

So, the real question is which of the three can run that type of offense consistently?

That’s the question that, if answered correctly, will be the difference between a December bowl game and a Playoff spot.

Schottenheimer touches on a lot in the press conference shown below, but the one thing that’s clear is he’s still looking for the player who has the confidence and the skill set to make the guys around him successful.

(h/t Anthony Dasher, UGASports)

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