Georgia Football: Brian Schottenheimer is Not “Making Excuses” for Lambert

Greyson Lambert can redeem himself against South Carolina, but he’s obviously going in with a lot less leash. Photo: Josh Jones/AJC

After watching Brian Schottenheimer’s press conference yesterday, I surmised two things: 1) he’s not necessarily committed to Greyson Lambert as the starter, and 2) he’s still figuring out how to be an offensive coordinator in the collegiate ranks.

Watch the presser and look for a few more of my thoughts after the jump.

(h/t Jordan Hill)

Schottenheimer didn’t make excuses for the play of Lambert, but it’s clear that after his performance against Vanderbilt, there is no longer a commitment to saying he’s the guy.

Quite frankly, it may take the South Carolina game for us to really know what Lambert is made of because, he may have years under his belt as a starter, but the SEC is a far cry from the ACC, and Lambert needs to either settle in and settle down or he needs to hold a clipboard.

Even more than that, though, Schottenheimer needs to figure out what he wants from this offense.

People always make a huge deal out of a hire when it comes from the NFL ranks, but coaching in the NFL doesn’t mean you can coach in college. The very act of teaching a young group of players how to execute a sophisticated game plan is a very different animal at the NCAA level, and you have to be a great teacher first, in my opinion.

Is Schottenheimer a great teacher? Your guess is as good as mine there, but its obvious the offense is still trying to find itself while, in the meantime, leaning on the running game to keep the chains moving.

South Carolina is coming to town and, Kentucky loss or no, Steve Spurrier has always found a way to make things tough for Georgia. If the Dawg’s offense sputters, or Lambert can’t keep his head, or Schottenheimer is still trying to figure out the appropriate personnel to use based on the looks his quarterback is getting, it’s going to be a very long day.

It’s time for Lambert to hunker down and get comfortable, and maybe that goes for Schottenheimer too.




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