Georgia Football: Another Position Change On The Way?

Shaquery Wilson signed with the Bulldogs as an ‘ATH’, but will play wide receiver once he arrives this summer.

Make no mistake, the Georgia Bulldogs are aching at wide receiver. Even with an incoming lot that will include the likes of Michael Chigbu and Terry Godwin, the Bulldogs need more depth at the position. That said, an incoming frosh is about to get an early opportunity to make something happen.

Shaquery Wilson won’t be playing on Jeremy Pruitt’s defense after all. He’ll instead be placed in the hands of new wide receivers coach, Bryan McClendon.

…”He will play wide receiver.”

Richt said Georgia’s questionable depth at wide receiver was one of the reasons the decision was made to play the Florida native on the offensive side.

“It was part of it. I think he had the desire to play offense,” Richt said. “He did both for us in camp. He started out at wide receiver before Coach (Jeremy) Pruitt had him go to do defense to get in a little work. We all liked what he saw, but he’s slated to start out at wide receiver for us.” (Anthony Dasher,

Wilson was signed as an ‘Athlete’, but his build (6’2, 199 pounds) and physical playing style made him seem an almost a shoo-in for the defensive side of the ball; he’s certainly a player that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, and his confidence on the field is evident after every play.

That said, he’s also a player that can recognize coverages, break down plays, and get himself between the ball and its target. He’s not fleet-footed, but he more than makes up for his lack of track speed with an ability to win out on most jump ball contests and find a top end if he gains a step or two on a defender.

If there is an area where he’ll need to get better, it’s with his route-running—that could use a strong polish—but that’s what McClendon will be charged to do once Wilson arrives in June.

The thing I like about him is he plays so tough on the football field. You want a wide receiver who can dominate on the line of scrimmage by using his body—speed is nice too, but having a player who can fight off the defender and find daylight to make the play is invaluable, particularly for a team breaking in a new starting quarterback.

It’ll be interesting to see how long Wilson plays on the offensive side. Richt’s comments certainly lean towards it being a temporary move, but it’ll be intriguing to see how Wilson adjusts his game and rises to the challenge this summer—he’ll certainly have a great opportunity if he succeeds.

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