Georgia Football: Alabama’s Quinton Dial Could Be Suspended for Illegal Hit on Aaron Murray

Remember the nasty, vicious, completely uncalled for hit executed by Quinton Dial on Aaron Murray this past weekend, well the SEC is finally taking a longer look at it to see if a possible suspension is in order for the JUCO defensive lineman.

In my opinion, it should have been called as a penalty during the game—no clue how it wasn’t.

Here’s another look:

The hit was replayed during the live broadcast of the game, but apparently missed by more than one referee on Saturday—a miss that Steve Shaw (the SEC Coordinator of Officials) says should not have taken place.

“We missed the call,” Shaw said.

NCAA rules mandate that conference offices review any flagrant personal foul or targeting for possible future punishment, whether a penalty was called on the field or not.

“By rule, you can’t hit a defenseless player above the shoulders,” Shaw said. “What the determination needs to be is was this a defenseless player and was contact initiated above the shoulders? When we go through video review of it, that’s what we’ll have to determine. And then you as you break it down, did he lead with the head or lead with the shoulder? From game action, it was a personal foul regardless of how we break it down frame by frame.”


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