Georgia Football: Aaron Murray’s Mom Says Bring The Noise This Saturday

Georgia fans have been hearing a round-robin plea from coach Mark Richt to Garrison Smith: GET LOUD ON SATURDAY!!

I have heard the refrain, far more than I like to admit, that “Sanford Ain’t Loud on Saturdays”. Clemson fans were riled up, South Carolina just about blew the Dawgs out of Columbia before the bus arrived, but Sanford could easily be mistaken for a funeral parlor on some weekends…and that’s a bad comparison for a place that holds 90,000 plus!

Well, it looks like at least one more plea has made it’s way to Athens and this one comes courtesy of QB Aaron Murray’s mama…

Mama Murray

I couldn’t agree more.

If the fans can’t get hyped for the first home game of the season, against South Carolina, and the Ol’ Ball Coach, then I don’t know if they ever will. And as a southern girl, proudly raised in South Georgia, I make it a point to always listen when a mama speaks because they’re usually saying something right.

Show up. Get Loud. That is all.

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6 comments for “Georgia Football: Aaron Murray’s Mom Says Bring The Noise This Saturday

  1. Marti Lee
    09/04/2013 at 10:18 AM

    AMEN!! Obviously, this is for another team, but I couldn’t help but think of Stanford when I saw it.

    • 09/04/2013 at 10:33 AM

      OMG! That’s pretty funny.

      Honestly, I think I’m louder than the fans from my sofa sometimes; Sanford needs to step it up a notch, no doubt!

  2. StuDawg
    09/04/2013 at 9:51 AM

    I was in Death Valley on Saturday, and I can honestly say that may have been the loudest crowd I have ever heard. I have been to Knoxville with 100k+ in the 90s when they had something to cheer about, been to the G Dome when the Falcons are good and it gets loud in there, buT nothing compared to the Valley this past Saturday. It was literally deafening. If that game had been played on a neutral field, I believe we would have won. Playing in Sanford Stadium with the deadbeats that go to the games does not give us much of an advantage, but at least its better than playing at places like Death Valley or Williams Brice where the other team has a distinct advantage. I am still hoarse from Saturday night. IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO CHEER WHEN THE OTHER TEAMS OFFENSE IS ON THE FIELD, STAY AT HOME AND GIVE YOUR TICKET TO SOMEONE WHO WILL!

    • 09/04/2013 at 10:01 AM

      You’ll get no argument from me on that one; I’ve never understood those who attend sporting events and choose not to cheer on the home team. I’m not saying you have to paint your face and be obnoxious, but you can certainly pump up the volume when the other team has the ball!

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