Georgia Football: Aaron Murray Means Aims to Keep His Focus

While most of the country is looking for a “letdown” for the Georgia Bulldogs, quarterback Aaron Murray’s plan is to keep on doing what he’s been doing all season: making plays and keeping the offense running like a well-oiled point machine—even without Gurley to hand it of to.

The Dawgs have entered this week with much the same fervor as they did the one leading up to LSU: full-pads, high intensity, and plenty of fire coming from both sides of the ball. And, part of the reason for the full-pads approach has been Murray’s insistence that this team needs to stay on track and continue to understand what’s at stake here: another shot at the SEC Championship.

Georgia’s team practiced again in full pads Monday, taking steps to make routine what had been a rarity in past years, when Mondays were usually light workouts in shorts.

Part of this has to do with Aaron Murray, who said he asked offensive coordinator Mike Bobo to not take it easy any days this year. That has been applied to the whole team.

“In Mondays in past years, it’s more of a chill day,” Murray said. “You just throw, get loosened up again. Yesterday we were doing drills the whole time, pocket drills, doing drops across the field, stuff like that, just making sure we’re staying hungry, making sure I’m staying on top of my game. That’s what I wanted, and he knows that.” (Gentry Estes, 247 Sports)

It was obvious from his off-season preparation that Murray’s plan for 2013 involved righting the ghosts of chances past and, if he has anything to do with it, this team will be playing in the Georgia Dome come December; that won’t happen if Georgia doesn’t continue to win ball games.

So, smokey gray unis or not, let’s hope we see a Top 10 team in action this Saturday…one that plays like a Top 10 with everything to lose.

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