Georgia Football: Aaron Murray, All Eyes on Atlanta…No Distractions Allowed

Call it ‘fear’. Call it ‘curious’. Call it ‘absurd’. But, whatever you decide to call it, it won’t likely change the decision of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray to not make himself available to the media this week.

Georgia’s record-setting quarterback has decided not to talk to the media this week as the No. 3-ranked Bulldogs’ prepare for Saturday’s monumental matchup against No. 2 Alabama in the SEC Championship game. According to Claude Felton, UGA’s director of sports communications, Murray “has requested that he be relieved of interview duties this week and Coach Richt has approved. . . . Apologies.”

Murray will apparently be available after Saturday’s game.

To be honest, this is hardly an amazing turn of events for the team’s most affable player. Quite frankly, I say good for him. Who needs another barrage of ‘can you win the big game’ questions to go along with the rest of the chaos already surrounding the team’s matchup with Alabama this weekend? A matchup that many are already predicting will go in the Crimson Tide’s favor.

Murray has been very accommodating all season long and has taken his share of lumps and criticism following poor performances against both South Carolina and Florida—the two most significant games on the Bulldogs’ schedule this year. That said, perhaps a new approach was necessary to keep his head straight and his focus centered because, let’s be honest, at this point, the media doesn’t need soundbites from Murray to write yet another story detailing his woes in big game situations—those stories can write themselves.

All that will matter come Saturday night is whether Georgia is in the ‘win’ or ‘loss’ column. Landing in the former will be a story worthy of a 1,000 words, while ending up in the latter would simply be a retread of an article we’ve all read before. In either case, Murray will be there when it matters…he always has been.


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