Georgia Football: A.J. Turman, The Forgotten Running Back

A.J. Turman (pictured left) didn’t see the field as much as Brendan Douglas (right) last season, but that could change if he comes out of spring with a head of steam. Photo: 247 Sports

Remember A.J. Turman?

He was supposed to be the prospect most likely to challenge for the third spot on Georgia’s depth chart last season—behind co-starters Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. He was also the reason the Bulldogs felt so good about the tailback position, heading into the 2013 season.

That said, Turman didn’t hear his name called once last year; even after the disaster in Knoxville made it certain that the running back spot would need re-imagining—enter the almost full-time presence of true freshmen running backs Brendan Douglas and J.J. Green.

You can say what you want about the phenomenal job the aforementioned guys did for the Bulldogs last season; it’s hardly news. Both players stepped in and stepped up to fill a much-needed hole in the running game. However, neither truly figured they’d see as much real estate in Sanford, or anywhere else last season, as long as Turman was healthy and ready to go.

Unfortunately for Turman, he saw his first official season at Georgia buried by the injury bug and, even now, as we enter the spring, you’d be hard-pressed to hear his name mentioned much at all.

That said, with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb not set to arrive until the summer and Green moving to cornerback—and you also have to wonder if Douglas will get a look at fullback with Hicks now filling a void at tight end—Turman has a golden opportunity to re-introduce himself to the Bulldog Nation.

Turman isn’t a burner like Marshall, nor is he a game changer like Gurley, but he’s fully capable of carrying the ball 18-22 times a game, with power, and he’s not afraid to barrel through defensive linemen on the way to securing big yards.

He plays smart and knows how to allow the play to develop in front of him so as to maximize every yard he can, and he’s adept at using his body to create yards after contact.

With neither Gurley nor Marshall entering the spring at 100 percent, Turman could be one to watch for sure and if he finishes the spring strong, that could set up one heck of a summer battle at the tailback position.


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  1. AthensHomerDawg
    03/18/2014 at 12:48 PM

    Douglas was at one time the 4 or 5th rated FB in the nation. Played LB too. Merritt played LB and turned into a fullback in college. They are both the same size and build.

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