Georgia Bulldogs: They Should Call Him Malcolm ‘Musical Chairs’ Mitchell

Georgia WR/DB Malcolm Mitchell will continue his two-way duties in 2013. Photo: Gentry Estes/247

In case it’s escaped the attention of anyone, Malcolm Mitchell is still one of the best players on the Georgia Bulldogs football team.

“We’ll do what’s best for the team, but obviously, he’s a talented guy who can play on both sides of the ball. He’s got ball skills, that’s why he can make plays on offense,” Grantham said after practice Monday. “His length, his ability to play tight coverage and his transition allow him to play close to receivers and cover guys. He’s a physical guy who can tackle, plus he’s got ball skills. All those things will make him a premier corner. There’s no doubt in my mind he can be one of the best corners in the SEC. What we do though, will really be discussed later, down the road, to do what’s best for the team. But it’s a good problem to have because we’re talking about a talented guy.”

Mitchell showed he could play both this fall.

…”He’s offense right now,” Bobo said. “But whatever we need to do as a football team, that’s what we’ll do. But if Coach (Mark Richt) says he’s going to go both ways, he’ll go both ways.” (Anthony Dasher, UGAsports)

Where 2012 saw an increased need for Mitchell to play both ways due to numerous suspensions in the secondary, 2013’s mass exodus of talent will introduce a similar need.

Although a bevy of talent is expected to come in and contribute immediately—guys like Tray Matthews, Shaq Fluker, and Paris Bostic are all thought to be potential impact players in year one—there is still sure to be a significant learning curve for all of them to overcome before they’re able to execute Grantham’s scheme with the level of efficacy and speed he’s grown accustomed to over the last couple seasons.

That said, having guys with experience in the system, at the ready, is something that Grantham is sure to be covetous of at the moment.


Unfortunately for Mike Bobo, however, that means he’ll have to continue to share his top receiver for a little longer than he’d like.


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